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Liberator-Class Heavy Bomber/Gunship
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So it has four cannons that shoot and destroy ships, four front dual turrets for dogfights and the same for aft as a defence against flanking enemies.
Oh and I´d assume the top gun is also placed on the bottom, it rotates and can defend against enemy Strikecraft.

This seems to be less a bomber and more a flying fortress that is designed to carry out operations on its own.

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I'd agree with Ori, seems rather heavy duty. I dunno how many you have though, so that would make a difference.

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Ρrʌжis Author

Speedy interceptors could overwhelm them, at the same time they're expensive. If I know me I'm stingy about using my best units unless I really need them.

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"Liberty through superior firepower."

Description: A bomber with heavy armor, it can take a serious beating. The ship was designed to battle capital ships and other ships of same size. Its laser turrets are operated by a droid (usually an astromech) co-pilot. The craft is also designated as a gunship due to its armament, able to engage almost any target, and operate almost independently of escorts. Its only real weaknesses are its lack of a hyperdrive, high cost, and large profile which makes it an easy target to hit.

Height: 3.83 m
Width: 6.2 m
Length: 16.8 m
Armaments: Two paired turbolasers on the wingtips, 6 Point-Defense Laser Turrets, Ion cannons on the wingtips, micro-missiles (honeycomb stack of about eighteen rockets), Proton Torpedo Tubes (eight uses each).

Light Shield Generator (1)

Non-Combative Attachments: Standard Sensor Array, Holographic Targeting Module, Standard Life Support Module.

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