Darkout is a Sandbox game set in the distant future on a dark and desolate world. You escape pod just crash landed and you must figure out how to survive and defend yourself against all the creatures lurking in the shadows. Hopefully you can stay alive long enough to try and escape or rule this world.

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Wanna know what's going on with Darkout multiplayer? if so, check this out!

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It’s been a while since we've released a patch, and we know you are all patiently waiting for the testers to finish breaking the game so we can release a patch to you. We’re very close to that point, so just hang in there, we promise we fixed quite a few bugs and the new research system and HUD layout will leave you with a fresh feeling and hopefully bug free experience once it is out.

Back to the reason for this post. We know that the one thing everyone is eagerly waiting for is Multiplayer, and though it is still going to be 2 months or so before we release it, we have been making good progress. A lot of code has been written since launch and the whole of world generation has been ported over to the new server based system which we will be using to run MP games.

Below you will see 5 map sizes, the first 3 are your normal SP game map sizes we have now, Small, medium, Large. Below those you will see the Gigantic and Massive maps, which should leave plenty of places to explore and gather resources with friends :)

Link to download the original images:

When it come to the amount of people who can connect… well that will be mostly determined by the server PC’s specs. The more CPU and Ram available, the more players it can handle. That kind of testing will happen down the road as we get closer to releasing MP, BUT, anywhere from 16-100 players is a very safe region of scalability this early on, but it could even be up to much, much higher than that if all goes well. We’re cleaning up the code during our rewrites for the server implementation, and so MP should even help make the game way, way more stable.

Anyway let me get back to working on the game, Easter or not, work work work!

Dark, Out!

PS: To read the original post, here is the link on our forums:


eta on next patch?

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Allgraf Creator

If all goes well with testing it should be out this weekend :)

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I love this game, cant wait for next update? :)

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This looks intersting. Any plans for a linux dedicated server that doesn't require a gui, like Terrarria did?

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