Darkout is a Sandbox game set in the distant future on a dark and desolate world. You escape pod just crash landed and you must figure out how to survive and defend yourself against all the creatures lurking in the shadows. Hopefully you can stay alive long enough to try and escape or rule this world.

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Hi everyone, here are the changelog notes from 1.0.0 - 1.0.3

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· Added HP on lights. (will soon be destructible by enemies

· Rubble in city use random drops now

· Crossbow animations sorted.

· Fix only number in world/character name

· Fix Bug in crafting queue when Item cancelled where it was not deleted from queue

· Fix scrolling to top when crafting

· Ranged enemies actually apply damage now

· Ranged enemies projectiles no longer apply damage through walls/doors

· Enemies now use line of sight to decide when to attack

· Mouse over emotes for mining and device activation

· Cursor change to swapped item disappearing fixed

· Fixed research points calculations.

· Crafting queue bug fixed

· Updated visual location and layer of tar bubbles effect.

· Aiming with gun fix

· Data split, should now fix having to make new characters on updates

· Added backdrops for underground when back walls are gone

· Removed login screen

· updates to parasite enemies behaviours

· Can pick-up fire arrows now

· Increase research queue

· New Booster progress display

· added some jungle plants

· fixed lighAntenna and tweaked goo lantern and lantern light settings

· missing icons added

· fix to return wood buckets / metal buckets when using tar in crafting

· coral was not mining correctly, fixed

· fixed rubble and titanium wall detection in city


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