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Post news Report content RSS feed Dark Horse Comics To Lose The Star Wars License

The 23 year reign of Dark Horse Comic will soon be at an end come 2015. Read the article for more information.

Posted by Commissar_Delta on Jan 3rd, 2014

For a little over 20 years, Dark Horse Comics has had exclusive rights to the publishing of Star Wars Comics. Dark Horse has had the privilege of telling amazing stories from the ancient times of the Old Republic, to the horrors of the Clone Wars (and then retold again but with less horrors of war), to the hardships of the struggling New Republic, and more recently the far future, 300 years after the Battle of Yavin, Dark Horse has told these remarkable stories through their comics and graphic novels and has become a cornerstone in the foundation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

With Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, they have announced that starting in 2015, Marvel will be the holder of the exclusive rights to the publishing of Star Wars comics and graphic novels. Though it is sad to see Dark Horse loose the license after they brought us years of entertainment (and for some, made our childhoods), but fret not, Marvel does have experience with writing Star Wars comics:

(Maybe this forgotten treasure will be un-reticonned and be brought back from the realm of Non-Canon. Fandalorians can only hope)

In fact Marvel was the first to publish Star Wars comics until Dark Horse took the helm in 1991. So we can take solace in the fact that, at least the comics of Expanded universe will be in good hands. As for the rest EU, do not hope, expect allot of reticons with these new films. Perhaps, soon the fastest growing area of the Star Wars expanded universe will be Non-Canon...

Source: Theverge.com

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Sanguinius Jan 3 2014 says:

Why is all of this happening to Star Wars in my lifetime, WHHHYYYYY???

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CaptainRegor Jan 3 2014 says:

Heh, I am going to bet that the EU is going in the Star Trek direction... Star Trek used to have cannon books etc, but now they are there just for fun no cannon at all.
As you pleasure in saying Delta the new Clone Wars did change stuff. If you though that was dramatic, ohhh just wait on all the new movies.

Nice article though Delta.

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evgenidb Jan 5 2014 replied:

Star Trek had canon!? WOW! Everyday I learn something new.

Anyway, the previous canon didn't go anywhere. It's just in different timeline, a parallel universe if you wish (although this shouldn't be very correct), something Star Trek is full of, according to my very limited knowledge of ST.

Both timelines still exist. Just one of them might be less used than the other.

To give you a quick example: the end of the Voyager series (the series in the Sector/Quadrant/Erm-whatever-it-is-called full of Borgs, which we barely saw there). I remember that in the end the trip took at least a couple of decades, but then the very old Captain Janeway went back in time and made a deal with the Borg Queen to return Voyager to Earth and thus not taking the long way lasting few decades.

The example is pretty much the same, except that nobody really complains about it.

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CaptainRegor Jan 5 2014 replied:

Star Trek has 3 timelines, the old, the JJ and the books.
Superheroes have multiple universes.
I've read and own a lot of Star Wars books and comics and I still think they are fun even though I'm sure they are not going to fit with the new movies.

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anthonytjengracio Jan 4 2014 says:

Better not ruin The Old Republic.

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SignerJ Jan 4 2014 says:

Why must Star Wars be ruined??

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evgenidb Jan 5 2014 says:

I say we first wait and see what Marvel does. It's very sad that DK and its authors are kicked in the butt, but we still don't know what Marvel would do. Maybe they'll perform fine or even better than DK.

If they fail or the comics are unsatisfactory, I'm sure the complaints in the Internet would be enormous.

As far the new movies and the canon goes - we still don't know ANYTHING about those movies. At this point complaining how they'll destroy the canon is pointless. Maybe they won't do anything to the canon, or it could be nicely retconed and fit with the rest of the lore.

So, don't be afraid... yet. Remember: "Fear leads to the Dark Side!". (Yoda's words from the Prequel Trilogy and so damn true!)

P.S. 300 years after Battle for Yavin? The furtest DK has brought us is 138 ABY: Starwars.wikia.com

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CaptainRegor Jan 5 2014 replied:

We do know they will not adapt the books and comics. They will be original stories. I'm willing to bet you that if Ep7 does happen around the time "Fate of the Jedi" books are, they are going to be completely overwritten and Chewie is alive.

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(LONEWOLF) Jan 5 2014 says:

Disney owns marvel and the rights to star wars. Go figure they would give it to themselves. Next Disney will merge with apple and Google and we will all hail "mein Maus Führer" and goose step ourselves too a new world order!

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evgenidb Jan 5 2014 replied:

Also Disney owns Pixar.

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(LONEWOLF) Jan 6 2014 replied:

pixar and Disney split Wired.com

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evgenidb Jan 6 2014 replied:

That's from 10 years ago (look at the date), when Pixar was still not part of Disney, i.e. hasn't been bought by them. Since 2006 Pixar is a subsidiary of Disney.


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(LONEWOLF) Jan 6 2014 replied:

I did not see the date :facepalm:

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evgenidb Jan 6 2014 replied:

I didn't see it at first either. But they did mention Steve Jobs and he's dead for some time now.

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata Feb 26 2014 says:

Marvel? WTF

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Joshua™ Aug 15 2014 says:

Ive ready so many star wars comics on dark horse it's my all time favorite hobbie. Learned a helluva lot from them too. Spent over like 500 US dollars on it all looking back but it was worth it. Still got many more to read though...

I wonder how getting rid of EU will affect the Legacy era in Star Wars... What, will all of that like "never happened" now for canon? I'm hurt... :'-(

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