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Yup, going to tell you all my progress so far. Hope you like it! :D

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As the Summary says, I`m gonna tell you all about my progress (again). It was a while since my last upload etc., so I think it is time to post something new, right? :D

Anyway, I am not going to bore you with nonsense, so I will give you the facts:

Level 1 - Bedroom

Complete (100%)

Level 2 - Living Quarters

Complete (100%)

Level 3 - Cellar

Work In Progress (95%)

Level 4 - Dungeons

Almost done (98%)!

Level 5 - Tower

Going to start working on it ;D

Level 6 - Sewer

Starting to work on it :D

Level 7 - Machinery

Going to start working on it as well :D

So, that is basicly that! I (once again) hope you can wait for a about a month OR two and enjoy the FULL CS, without bugs, glitches etc. :)

P.S.: I uploaded the 1.3 version today. Hopefully, I fixed all the errors I could find, so now you people can finally play after the authorisation is done! :D

Have a nice day or Good Night!

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