This group is for people who notice canononical contradictions within popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises and wish to discuss them in a safe, TROLL FREE, environment.

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Canon Issues with New Series (Groups : Alliance to Restore Canon (ARC) : Forum : Canon Issues with New Series) Closed
RIP Barriss Offee and Lumianra Unduli. kyloren8 kyloren8 - read

Jul 29 2015, 2:34pm

RIP Darth Maul, Asaijj Ventress, and Wilhuff Tarkin. Akalonor Akalonor - read

Feb 12 2011, 12:00pm

Clone Wars Lethal Trackdown and R2 Come Home Skystalker97 Skystalker97 - read

Jan 26 2011, 3:03pm


List all the canon issues. BE SURE TO RESEARCH BEFORE YOU POST!