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Jan 25 2011 Anchor

I was recently watching the SWCW R2 Come Home and Lethal Trackdown episodes, and I spotted several issues with the episodes being quite non-cannon.

1. In R2 Come Home, Boba sets his father's mando helmet to blow up. This is NOT cannon in any way, as Boba wears his father's armor, he just re-paints it to green, and wears it from then on. He did not destroy his helmet.

2. In Lethal Trackdown, Aura Sing (however you spell her name...) dies in the crash of the Slave I. So, in the real Star Wars universe, she is not killed in a crash of the Slave I, and the Slave I does not crash.

Personally, I like the Clone Wars series, but I hate how they can't get this stuff right. It just ruins it.

Jan 25 2011 Anchor

Aura Sing did not die in that crash. But yes I agree with you about the armour.

Ozzy667 Arrogant douchenozzel
Jan 25 2011 Anchor

She doesn't die. She appears in a later episode.
You also assume Slave I was destroyed in the carsh. It can crash and be repaired. You also assume Jango only had one helmet and that helmet is the one Boba sets their.
The helmet could have just been a Mando helmet Boba or Aurra had or acquired or one Jango had as a spare. I asked the same question during that episode and those are some ideas I came up with.

Jan 25 2011 Anchor

i cant beleve im saying this but ozzy is right about the armor thing, ive seen comics starring jando with greenish armor during the battle of Gilderaan

Jan 25 2011 Anchor

That's all great, but people, Boba for a time wore another set of mando armor that he got while he was on Tatooine (I think this is true, it's been a while since I read the young Boba Fett books). Ozzy very well may be right on this one, but there are many other issues, and, though I'm aware Boba had a ton of cash (thanks Palpatine), repairing Slave I would take some time, so he'd be up a creek untill then, not to mention it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

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Jan 26 2011 Anchor

Alright, i know this isnt the same episode but it needs to be brought to attention (plus i cant post a new thread for some reason)

the capture of poggle the lesser really pissed me off. and the fact that they havent freed him yet is making me nervious

Jan 26 2011 Anchor

I agree with you, Delta. That is also another issue.

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