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Dolg Expert
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Valerian Author

Card Info

Rank: Expert. 4 Stars. Moral 4 (If a fighters moral impact is greater than his rank, he flees the battlefield) Expert rank commands 3 fighters in the Zone. Veteran rank commands 2 fighters in the zone. Experienced rank commands only 1 fighter in the zone. If a squad has all 4 members with a lower rank than 4, than a ''group leader'' is chosen to lead the group by placing a token with a star symbol and number 4 on it. This can only be done if a player chooses the ''squad leader with a low rank'' in the BEGINING of a firefight. Squad may only consist of 2 people or higher, No less.

What is a rank?

*Rank is a fighters moral level(Bravery)
*The amount of people a fighter can command in battlefield.
*If a squad got a high ranked leader, you may place areal defence tokens on your fighters that are low ranked or higher. It keeps your fighters safe. Areal defence reduces your opponents firepower towords your squad. So no leader, means no good chance of your men to survive. U need to command ur men to take cover (cover tokens) in order to reduce your enemies firepower.

Attacking, Defending, Supporting.

Attacker: Attacks, If the firepower number is a tie. Victory goes to the defender.

Defender: Defends may lay out their defense tokens before getting attacked. If the return fire is a tie, hits victory goes to the defender. When attacked the first round, All defenders get a penalty by deviding their firepower number. Secound round of attack and onward, the defender plays his firepower WITHOUT deviding his firepower in two.

Support: Support squad in the same territorial location, may only support a squad of 4 men or less, with 3 men. If a supporting squad is a space away, they may only support their allies with two men.

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