In Wolfenstein you play B.J. Blazkowicz, a highly decorated member of the office of Secret Actions(OSA).

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Wolfenstein was definately a good game. The AI was very agressive and smart, which I found made the enemies seem almost real. The graphics a very pretty, which you'd expect from IDTech 4. I was solely disappointed by the new meothd of storing data for this game. Unlike other IDTech 4 games Wolfenstein is not mod friendly. It is anoying, but I forgive it for the game itself.

The weapons were very nice. They had that feel to them that you want in a game. Also, the upgrading system was pretty good. The veil was my personal favourite thing in the game. Being able to slow time with mire was always fun. The levels were designed well and I liked being able to replay any mission after you had completed it. The story however, lacked a bit.

Overall, I found this to be a great game and recommend it to all people who like FPS games.

The Wolfenstein Franchise is still alive and strong :D

Unfortunately, the game suffers from todays FPS trends, such as head bobbing and health regeneration.

However, the intelligent AI and gameplay make up for it. The graphics also help spice up the nicely detailed levels and searching for gold, intel and tomes give the player a nice treat for being perceptive, such as weapon upgrades and new story discoveries.

Overall, a nice edition to a well known franchise. While the mod support for this game is practically non-existent, this shouldn't deter true fans from enjoying Wolfenstein :>

This is masterwork game, that i love it very much. Cool story, cool graphics, cool gameplay and cool project!

Great fiction FPS one of the best and great storylinen
Great fiction FPS one of the best and great storylinen
Great fiction FPS one of the best and great storylinen

Wolfenstein was developed by Raven Software and published by Activision.
This is a good game, and it is a proof of how much guys at Raven are creative.
I believe the whole game can be summed up with one simple nickname I have made for it. Hexenstein.
Like Hexen this is an FPS with a hub system, meaning the game is not entirely linear. Plus there are dozens of secrets scattered through out the levels, including something from a Raven's game Heretic. The Tome Of Power. This is a really neat homage to Heretic! You will use the tomes not to enchant your weapons this time, but to upgrade your magic abilities.
The enemy AI is really awesome, they will use everything they can against you and it really works! It's not just a gimmick, you'll die a lot! Like in Hexen enemies do repopulate.
Then there are things which I didn't liked, like regenerating health and boss fights. But really, when did the Wolfenstein series had good boss fights? And then there's head bobbing which is annoying too.
I also didn't liked the game's save system, it's not traditional in any way and if more than one player uses the same PC for single player there will be trouble. Also there's a complete lack of the knife.
But it's a really good entry in the series and I feel like Raven Software did a good job.
As a big fan of Hexen I have wondered how it would look if it was done today, and this is the answer.

not so good as it should be

Easily one of the most underrated games of the past decade. It was great to see B.J. Blaskowitz back in action in this latest installment. Gameplay was fun, and faced paced, just like wolf3d and RTCW. The gritty WW2 atmosphere of isendstat (I know I spelt that wrong, get over it) mixes perfectly with the pseudo science that the nazis have come up with this time. Any FPS nowadays can be accused of being a call of duty knockoff, as how generic their fps gameplay is, but this is another title worthy on the mantle of wolfenstein's past. Though it doesn't beat RTCW, it comes pretty damn close.

This isn't Wolfenstein, this is some lame combination of Call of Duty and Bioshock. What happened to the dungeons? Why does my health regenerate? Why can't I shoot from the hip without the recoil buttfucking my accuracy? What happened to game saves? Where is the nonlinear level design? Why does there need to be a upgrade system? Why can't I lean? What happened to the stealth mechanics of RtCW? Where is the knife and the pistol? WHERE THE **** IS MY CHAINGUN?!

The only good part of this is the boss battles. They are really well designed and fun to beat. Other than that this game is a load of tripe. Stay away from this unfocused, mediocre and ugly excuse for a game.

only one word describes it: Magnificent

Pretty good. A real improvement over the old wolfenstein games.

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