A 2 player co-op survival shooter. 3 levels. 3 weapons. Play over LAN for CO-OP. Heal and help your buddy. Shoot off body parts! Havok Physics. ... and more ! Requirements: You will need a DX11 supported graphics card to play!

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I really enjoy playing this game. It has so much replay value it is crazy. The one thing I wish is that it is the type of game that would be awesome to have a development kit for modding. I feel the mappers on gamebannana would love to get there hands on a project like this. It would benefit the game, and the community. This game is really great, and you won't waste your time downloading it. It will blow your mind.

Nice,I just came to support

Not bad to look at, solid shooting and a fairly good dismemberment system.

No options to change keybindings or adjust brightness though.

I'm hoping they'll keep working on this and take it farther because I see real potential here beyond just three short levels.

Thats awesome game!


This Is The Best Looking horror game ever

this game do not fonctionne

I liked the game there are a few kinks and stuff but i would give an 8/10

Awesome! I recommend it 100%

Can't get it to work. I have some of the best hardware but I keep getting runtime erros. I never have any of these problems on any other game.

Runtime error

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