Set in the not too distant future TimeShift from Saber Interactive will take the first-person genre to an entirely different dimension where the world as we know it has been erased from history and the very memory of us will be wiped out like tears in the rain. Our descendants will never be born - our existence will become but a mere dream and the future as we know it will never come to be. Gamers assume the role of retired Colonel Michael Swift who has been selected by the US Government to test two of the most significant inventions of the century - a time-control device called the 'Quantum Suit' and a time machine called the 'Quantum Transporter'. However before he gets a chance to carry out his experiments his laboratory is invaded by a masked man and in the confusion Swift is briefly sent back in time to 1900. Upon his return to the present the world he left has changed beyond all recognition. It is now Swift's responsibility to find a way to rectify things...

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One of the best and most underrated game of all times.

Game with interesting features, but in some things repeating main-stream leaders...

Pretty decent game.

FPS entertainment at it's best!

What set's Timeshift apart from the crowd is it's special use of time-manipulation. Everything from slowing down, rewinding or pausing time altogether is at your disposal, whether it's to snatch a weapon right out of an enemies hand or running over electrified water like it's ice, many surprises are awaiting you in TimeShift.

Just don't expect a good story :)

In no other game can you notice someone opening a door, run past them, and then kill them before the door was ever opened.

If you ignore the truly amazing time control mechanics, though, it's a somewhat mediocre shooter that relies too heavily on shaders that make it hard to see.

just epic


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