The Old World is a top-down 2D Sandbox RPG focused on a dynamic game-play as well as creating a rare interaction with the environment and AI inside the game. The World is randomly generated, allowing for a fresh new start of an adventure every time you choose to create a new character. With an ever-changing World where history is made every second of game-time. You're apart of creating that history, every choice you make will have an impact on the world, Whether it is a good or bad impact is your choice to make. Villages may arise from only a handful of people and may in time either grow and bloom into a larger settlement or crumble and fall. You have all the choices in the world and more, nothing is nothing pre-determined. Everything is yours to change if you so wish. The World is yours for the taking. No Limits, Pure Sandbox.

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Lots of Magics, Scrolls new Items, new Animation System, new Temperature System, Some new graphics from Ironstrom and soon to come lots of epic sounds from Keagan as well as a nice Change-log for the past 3 or so days.

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Heyo! I've been super hard at work this week and here are a few things I have done this week.I've been working on a new very nice Animation System which will add a Ton of new stuff to the game!

It also features a newly implemented XP System with Notifications for XP as well as GUI representation.

Here's a small sneak peek of the temperature scale across the map. (Ranging from -40 to +40 Celcius with temperatures differing across the whole map)

This is also a small teaser for the Magic System. Keep in mind, this is a MID-RANGE Wizard Spell.

If you think this is OP, trust me, it is not. We have Loads of new Spells, Arrows, Elixirs, Weapons planned that will surely make your jaw drop just a tiny bit at the very least.

are a few of the Items planned so far.

And just to end this post off with some nice graphics, this is one of the newest sprites from Ironstrom.

Keagan has begun working on Sounds and Music for the game so expect to see some wicked stuff from him very soon!

And as always I'll end with a nice change log for the past 3 days:
- Added Support for Magic System
- Added Support for Fire System
- Added Support for Projectile System
- Added Temperature System to Map System
- Added Scroll of Conjure Fire & Scroll of Mass Destruction.
- Edited Rewrite the Animation System into a new more advanced & dynamic one.
- Added XP System
- Added Graphical representation for XP
- Added Damage from Fire
- Added XP Gain Notification.
- Fixed Alpha bug when VSync was On.
- Added Begun implementation of Humidity System.

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