The cult classic open-ended wilderness survival roguelike RPG taking place in the ancient North. Throughout the years, UnReal World has been praised for its incredible depth, realism, atmosphere and immersion. Lose yourself in the most intricate, detailed and enchanting iron-age game world.

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I am following that game since a few years. And to be honest, it evolved a lot lately (in the good direction) and is always a pleasure to discover what new things have been added after a few calm months.

It is one of the most in depth survival games around (not the zombie style, but the one were you are sent into wilderness with nothing but a knife and have to find a way to make your own food, fire, clothes, house...).

I love the fact too that it is based on the real finnish medieval era, with an encyclopedia full of details about traditions and objects : added to the survival fun, it is also a travel back in time to another culture

Easily my most favourite survival game its lovely if you like survival games get this now!

I played over 100 hours of this and im not bored its endless!


I knew about this game quite long time before I actually played it. Despite the high expectations I was totally sold after the first gameplay. The amount of content in this game is breathtaking. There's already lots of to do and thanks to developers it stays like that in the future as well.

Easily one of my favorite RPGs and the best survival game I have every played.

Huge thanks to URW developers.

One of the most indepth survival simulators on the web, only held back by it's 2D graphics (which by no means is a bad thing). The interface can be clunky and hard to toy with at times, but veterans, and even rookies of Dwarf Fortress will find this graphical interface easy on the eyes.

Whether it's spending three in-game hours fishing for the meal that may keep you alive for the next day, or hunting for that elk that tore you apart last week, or even just trading with a near by village for that arrow you've always wanted, this game does almost everything. With it being in development since 1992, you're bound to see so much more content in the future. Not to mention the moddable crafting system which allows for fan made content.

Best roguelike survival game for sure! Devoted developers that actually hear their community!

That's the way to do it.

First I was overwhelmed by the simple graphics and a lack of feedback from the game. After few hours of learning the ropes, quite a number of key shortcuts and reading the forums I was nose deep in this very complex game-portrait of a pre-industrial Ugro-Finnish like society. After many hours of cursing, sweating, fighting (and murdering), tracking, crafting and grinding my skills I can say that this game is a very peculiar master-piece deserving several hours of seemingly steep learning curve. Kudos to the developer cherishing this jewel for so many years. I hope he will be able to spent many years yet on improving and implementing everything he wants in this game.

If only this was a multiplayer. Well, maybe in five years, I'll keep my hope.

Of all the roguelike/survival games I've tried, UnReal World is the best. The combination of realism, continuous new development, attention to detail, and developer's attention to suggestions by players are second to none.

Exceptional. This game is a pure jewel, one of the rare, as Dwarf Fortress, which enchanted you for the rest of your life. Hunt, travel, build, hide, do everything you couldn't, confined in our grey cities. Really, this game is a great escape, feel free to do what you want, but keep in mind that you must survive.

In constant improvement since 1992, and free, I must admit my full admiration for the developers, they deserve a lot of interest, and are without any doubts among those whom give faith in humanity. Their work, their imagination, their perseverance compel the admiration.

Sincerely, give a try to UnReal World, it is free, and it is a Masterpiece ! Then, if you are as convinced as me, you could support this project with a donation.


This game did what many are trying to do today, and still hasn't been topped. Surviving feels like a very real experience in this game, and is an enjoyable challenge which continuously gets better as the game is updated. The only negative to this game is the hard to learn control scheme, but once you get passed that this game is a 10/10

Hello iam Wolvgar,

part of the Unreal World Community. I started playing UW at Version 3.14 i think. It was a blast, a very steep learning curve - but absolutly fun! Loosing is fun, dying to a huge bear is fun. In over ten years in gaming expirience, i started with UFO Unknown on a PC with a Matrox G 400, i can say that this game right now has an outstanding level of quality GAMEPLAY - not graphics! But you know theres a good community graphic mod that helps a lot.

What do a gamer care about? Depth of gameplay! And replayability. This game offers both. And because iam enyoing this game for free right now i want to pay back with this review. Its the least thing i can do to support the developer of this fantastic piece of art. Its a gift to his fatherland and a gift to all people who enjoy deep strategy rpg's with survival!

One more thing, dont expect to make it long enough to see the first winter coming. You'll propably end up being raped by a bear or some unfriendly robbers.

Lonely fisher on a small island, living in a log house, trapper in the vast forest living in a hide tent, villager of one of the many cultures you can start with, robber, murderer, gatherer, thief, adventurer. It's up to you.

The game is ready to play and more content will be added in the future. It's a pearl of game history and needs to be poolished! Help, play, vote, buy or donate!

See you in the dark ages!

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