"I awake once again. Shackled. Beaten. Broken. And yet there is hope. An opportunity..." Enter the darkness of The Tower. A unique, constantly expanding dungeon crawling experience. Use your hearing to find your way through the breathless shadow of the tower's corridors. Revel in torchlight for a brief moment, as the next corridor beckons. Because in this god forsaken place...only the hope of seeing the long-forgotten sun once again will save you.

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VisceralFlame says

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I like the narrative feel of it. Also, the plot is simple, but effective. Hope I get to learn the reason he was imprisoned.


Avastrat says

May contain spoilers - 7 agree - 4 disagree

I have only played the beginning so far but the moment I passed through the darkness I really felt that this was genius... I have surround sound headphones and it took a while to adjust but then I heard the water and decided to head towards the noise. I could sense the distancing and the placing of the water through my headphones and I walked towards it and splashed the water... I was amazed when I heard a faint sound of air and follwed that toi the next area. I havew never played a game that requires senses and I instantly want more. I congratulate you. However are you going to put a price on it? And I have a good computer but it stills lags? However amazing game and so far have been fascinated. I don't give 10s ever but after seeing well hearing this and that it actually worked and I had to rely on senses I was astounded. I was tempted to give 9 since I donnt know what is up ahead but I thought the genius behind it all was magnificient?!


MauzDiPauz says

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Great Game, really :D love it, I can't wait for the updates


cpmjr1 says

1 agree

An underwhelming experience for certain.

I started the game unable to start out of fear that it would be scary (what can I say? I'm a wimp!) but was disappointed when I actually -did- play the game.

Granted this is beta, this is a review subject to change in the future.

Navigating the tunnels was not a difficult task. It was as simple as looking back at the last light source and pressing A or D. There was no challenge to the game. Additionally, you can interact with objects at any distance. I can be across the field in the House sequence and click on the shovel in the toolshed and successfully have it added to my hands. The most difficulty I had with this game was finding the key to the front door. The blurriness and a complete lack of any visual cue had me searching Desura to see if anyone else had found the key.

The initial title sequence's tower has -too- much bloom. The white washes out the brick. The dream sequence's blurriness in the house was distracting.

Despite those shortfalls, the game had amazing sound effects. I am in love with the flute that plays when you start the game. Despite the blurriness in the dream sequence and the bloom washing out the features of the brick with white I must say that the graphics were actually pretty good.

The shortfalls definitely outweigh the positives as far as this game is concerned. Hopefully a full featured release will hold more promise than the "beta" the game is currently in.


kaber46 says

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A refreshingly novel approach to interactive sensory entertainment with well-done storytelling to keep it enthralling. Lots of potential.


Solomaxien says

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Really great idea! Can't wait to see more of the game in the future.


kujahn says

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Very ambient and immersive.


McZlik says

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Brilliant game and an absolutely genius game concept!
I was sceptic at first, a total darkness sound guided game, but they made it work perfectly =3


darkskulls97 says

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pretty damn good


ninja_derpify says

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Wow, I want more!

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