The player takes the role of a young pilot of the humanoid Amarn race who is fresh from the academy, where he had a strange virtual reality exam experience, which made him being sent to the single Amarn colony planet Goldin to serve his people.

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EMP-Tee says

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A mediocre game considering that it is supposed to be a AAA title.

Uh....where do I start?

- English voiceovers just in the beggining of the game a.k.a the tutorial level (as much as it didn't bother me it takes a lot of the immersion)
- Not-so-great animations. While they're not bugged, they're very badly made in the sense that it doesn't really show if a certain character is scared or angry.
- Mixed combat controls and ideas

On the contrary, while I didn't find anything special about the story it was certainly ok (to the point of interesting). The planets and universe is well-made and motivate you to continue playing, that is...

While I also didn't find any game-breaking bugs I DO admit that there are some, which combined with the awful, sad being that this turned out to be...they take the cherry on the top of the cake.

I say you try it, but do not expect much from it. What good this has to offer will slugglishly come over to you.


TheUnbeholden says

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This is a real mixed bag but ultimately worth playing.

+6 planets
+Moderately free roaming, as in big maps that only have certain points that allow you to pass to another map (STALKER style)
+Many factions
+Dialogue is usually good, in that you can talk your way out of alien/bandit/drug dealer encounters

-Bad translation, often the text is jumbled or words feel out of place. Thankfully theres a unofficial patch that fixes 99% of this.
-Bad audio, it has synching and skipping problems. Lack of voice actors.
-To many duplicate human models
-Spaceflight is a bit meh and your actions determine little during flight.


DarthSomething says

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Great game!! except the dabing


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