The Good Life is like playing a monopoly game set in a visually stunning fictitious tropical environment while moving around with an impressive array of luxurious vessels, managing tourist campaigns and completing missions on your way to become the area’s top tycoon!

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Don't vote it down because of farcry 3, farcry 3 had potential too, it just didn't have much "aftergame" material to do once you finish. This looks like a nice sandbox and to have these interactive moment side missions is great.


Game is amazing for an indie game. So far the only thing that bugs me is the draw distance. I should be able to see much more then I can but its not a huge issue other then a little immersion loss. game seems to be a little repetitive but it comes with the type of game its is. I can see myself playing this for hours on end. its no GTA but its beautiful and relaxing game to play while there is nothing to do.


The Other Game But amazing

This are more my first impressions.
You basically drive a boat with passengers from a to b to earn money.
If you hit the dockside you will get no money from the passengers. And you will hit it because of the bad handling and camera controls.
I am pretty sure the second time I tried I hit nothing but the passengers abandoned the ship anyway and I got no money.

Then I got the message that I don´t have any money and the game is over.

This really was game over for me, the game was deleted.


It is not far Cry, it is nothing like far cry in gameplay at all, it is a management game not a FPS shooter.

The only thing it has in common with far cry is it looks fantastic, gameplay wise it is totally different and not at all a FPS shooter.

Great idea and great visuals

I have played this game and must say it is fantastic and from an indy dev , this has its own little niche in my most memorable games, it really is beautiful and very relaxing, the only downside is lack of real dynamic weather and there are a few game breaking bugs the main one is the camera will occasionally loose it ability to focus and there for you can no longer sail your ship effectively breaking the game.



After applying the new patch, and starting a new game, this has fixed the most severe bugs and from what I have seen since all of the minor glitches.

The game is now full operational, and I must say its quite perfect, defiantly worth buying that's for sure, and in my mind guaranteed to give hours of playability, also if you head over to there official forums , you can already see that the developer is looking at what to incorporate into the next serving of what looks to be a promising series of games, this shows that the dev has a keen interest in customer feedback and swift action to fix any issues that may arise (e.g swift deployment of patches / bug fixes)


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