A city in chaos. Local news reporters have groaned on and on about the cities latest crisis. Tetris blocks have been falling down from the heavens for the past month. No one knows where they are coming from. Your job is to find out why they're here and how to stop them. Tetropolis is a platformer, based upon the arcade game Tetris, where there are many puzzles to be solved.

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As you may know... Tetropolis is a platformer, based upon the arcade game Tetris, where there are many puzzles to be solved and levels to complete.

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^Tetropolis at it's beginning stage

^Tetropolis in a recent update

^Tetropolis now

Tetropolis works by completing a line, as is done in Tetris and the line is removed. I am using this concept in a platformer to create puzzles. I.e. Tetris block falls, is placed, line is complete, line is removed, above blocks fall, a way through the level is opened, you get points.

What I have done recently is redo the terrain graphics (dirt n' grass) as they used to be too dark, and didn't reflect the theme of the game too well. Next, my next task will be to add buildings, so that the map looks more like a Tetropolis (define; 'opolis': A city). There is a house, but I want more variation. Then I'll add birds in the sky, followed by new sound effects, followed by new levels, followed by new music, new level features, enemies, etc, followed by new level themes (e.g. desert, forest, space [with altered gravity], and a space station). Possible additions are survival mode (just a normal game of Tetris, continuous blocks fall, no platforming) and clouds moving through the sky.

Completed additions:
scoring system, player graphic/movement, block graphics, tree graphics, other graphics, block system (making them fall, and sensing a complete line; though there are some minor glitches), menu (may be improved).

Removed ideas: a shadow system - I had an idea to make objects block sunlight and cast shadows, but the idea failed miserably. It seemed right in theory, but not in practice.

Current problems:
At night, the moon looks dark, this is because the 'darkness' layers itself at the front automatically - I can fix this. Sometimes, when 'L' blocks are used, the line sensing system removes one more block than it's supposed too - I don't yet know how to fix this, though it's difficult to notice, so it's a minor glitch (However, for survival mode it may be a major glitch). The moon will go in front of all objects it passes, which may look weird - I can fix this.

Concept Video:

If you want to join our team, just ask: We need - Sprite artists, graphics artists (for level backgrounds and stuff). That's currently all, but anyone can help by contributing ideas!

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