Teknedia is a first person, 3D platformer for the PC featuring crisp graphics and a fantastic electronic score. Short levels, wall jumping, and a large range of aerial control allow the player to develop a sense of mastery with as little frustration as possible with instant and endless respawns. The game is built from a scratch engine we made in C++ using open source libraries such as Boost, Bullet, XML, and OpenGL.

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Sep 7 2012 Anchor

Hey guys, wanna start out by saying the game looks super promising!

Here are some bugs I found:

  • Mouse pointer in menus had a high threshold for moving upwards. All other directions worked fine.
  • Some of the level images on the World 1 select screen disappeared after initially being visible for unknown reason.
  • The in-game background/space texture both turned red and into a split of red and black on various levels, most notably the last level.
  • Not really a bug, but the sensitivity was incredibly low for my preference, even on the max setting.

Just reply if my computer specs could be relevant.

Good luck on Greenlight!

Sep 7 2012 Anchor

Thanks for trying the demo Gypsyhatten!

  • The skybox background issue you encountered is a radeon card specific issue, it is fixed for our next build.
  • The mouse pointer issue and level select images are known issues, I will add them to the FAQ.
  • I'll bump up the max for mouse sensitivity for the next build.

Thank you for the feedback!

Dec 8 2012 Anchor

I found some bugs.
Several crashes while loading. I have 8GB of ram and great specs overall.
Another thing is maybe not a bug but a "feature" left in by mistake, I ended up in a mode without gravity and I could run in the air, both up and down.
It's great for picking up floppy disks ;) (not that I need that ability to pick them)
I could also get out of gameshow by jumping through the hole where the blocks come in.

Feb 4 2013 Anchor

Thanks for trying the demo and the positive feedback Qon.

  • We've fixed several major memory leaks with our latest build, that should alleviate the random loading crashes.
  • There is indeed a debug fly mode toggle, it's the tab button.
  • A few levels have some unintended but cool ways to get to places you shouldn't be, we think that's cool and fun, so we're leaving a lot of that kind of stuff in unless it causes a real issue.
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