Teknedia is a first person, 3D platformer for the PC featuring crisp graphics and a fantastic electronic score. Short levels, wall jumping, and a large range of aerial control allow the player to develop a sense of mastery with as little frustration as possible with instant and endless respawns. The game is built from a scratch engine we made in C++ using open source libraries such as Boost, Bullet, XML, and OpenGL.

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Sep 3 2012 Anchor

Greetings! Thanks for trying out the Teknedia Demo. If you haven't tried the demo, you can find it on the downloads page for this game.

Here are some known issues that we may be able to help you with upfront.


  • Many laptops by default attempt to run the program with integrated graphics instead of their installed video card. If your game fails to start on a laptop, try forcing your video driver to use the laptop's video card when running teknedia.exe. You can find this option in your nVidia or ATI control panels.
  • If the game still does not run, it may be that your video card does not support OpenGL 2.1


  • If your game runs too slow to be playable, visit the options screen, uncheck the fancy lighting toggle, and restart your game. This will remove most of the static lighting processing we do in our rendering code, and should be a large performance increase if you don't mind the flat color look.


  • If you're using a radeon card, you may see a black skybox that becomes red when you move outside it. This is fixed for our next build.
  • Level images on the level select screen may vanish.


  • Mouse movement upward over buttons is sticky. This is fixed in our next build.
  • Windowed mode cannot be moved.

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