Welcome to the Wild West where your life is always at the point of a gun! You will be living surviving, trading and exploring a remote land with arid deserts, mazes of canyons and disputed towns. You can team up with your friends or try solo against the elements, other players and enemies.

Sunset Rangers is a Sandbox in a random open world, with random events (from a simple hidden barrel to a giant worm that requires dozens of players to kill). In this dangerous world, you will need powerful guns, which are random too. And there’ll be various ways to get your guns: crafting, killing NPCs, buying or hunting players down.

  • Randomly generated maps with different Cities connected with roads, Random Events and multiple biomes like Deserts, Dunes, Canyons, Plateaus and Grasslands.
  • Randomly generated guns with different types of barrels, chambers, blocks and grips.
  • Unique guns with special abilities and randomly generated bullets to shoot with your guns.
  • Events and PvE - Find valuable loot anywhere in the world: inside safes, barrels, dropped by bandits, soldiers, wildlife and monsters.
  • Survive - You’ll need to find food and water while maintaining your temperature in deserts, canyons and other arid lands.
  • Create your own server supporting dozens of players, choose between different map sizes and seeds.
  • If you die, not everything is lost, you can hide valuable items in your stash and bury it in the world. But you’ll have to be cautious where you bury it, because other players can find it and stole your goods!
  • Start the game as a Gunslinger, Blacksmith, Civilian and others classes.
  • Craft guns, clothings, equipments and others items for you.
  • Loot or craft clothings, dress yourself as a Bandit, a Cowboy or a Civil War Soldier.
  • Clean Interface - Open only what you want and place the window where you want, like an interface should be.
  • Wanted - Killing is not free of charges, you will be marked as a Bandit and if you are the biggest killer in the server, you will be the Most Wanted.
  • Friend List - Add your friends to your friend list and play together to conquer the Wild West.

These are the main feature that will be in the Alpha version, but wait, there’s more!

We already have a basic planning of how the Sunset Rangers will develop, but we are open to suggestions from players to help us decide how the game should be, leave them in the forums. This the list of features and content that are already in development, planned or only as an ideia for the game:

  • Horses - This is the main feature we want to add to the game, with the ability to tame your own horse and shoot while riding.
  • Rifles and Shotguns randomly generated with various combinations of different parts.
  • Unique Rifles and Shotguns with special abilities.
  • Different kinds of Ammunition to use in rifle and shotguns.
  • More revolver parts and Unique revolvers.
  • Animals - We already have wolves and are planning to add coyotes, chickens, bisons and others.
  • Forts - The player will be able to capture a fort from NPCs and use it as a base or headquarter.
  • Translation various languages(Chinese, Russian and others are planned).
  • More Clothings and NPCs in general, like bosses, natives, traders and civilians.
  • Duel - Invite a fool to a duel, betting items or your life;
  • Safe Zones - Cities or locations where you are safe from everyone.
  • Alternate playable characters - Choose between different character skins, males and females..

We will be reading the forum nearly every day, we are really open to suggestions and we will take the directions the community think is better. All the Roadmap can be changed if needed.

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Sunset Rangers
Sunset Rangers
Sunset Rangers
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