Build your ship, hire crew, and voyage across the stars... only there's no fancy warp drives, wormholes, or faster than light travel!

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This week's alpha of SubLight introduces new ways to control the population of your space ship. Maybe now they won't eat each other!

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SubLight Alpha 0.7.0a is out, don't eat me!

Play SubLight in your browser here, or download it below!

SubLight 0.7.0a Windows
You can also download the OSX and Linux builds.


  • Interstellar launch menu adds ability to select how much fuel to burn between stars, predicts how long your resources will last, and the voyage duration.
  • Makeshift mining system allows you to refill your ship at planets.
  • Population management menu allows you to scale food and water rations, work day length, and target population size.
  • Water use, from showering and bathing, is now factored into ration consumption.
  • Analytics gathers some basic stats about gameplay experience, for bug testing.

I'm excited about this week's build, since I think you can now wander the stars indefinitely, assuming you continue to collect resources at each system and manage your population (available by clicking the population size and morale meter).

Next Week's Build

A lot of ideas are kicking around for next week's build, but one that seems to stand out is the need for a better mining system. After going after a rather ugly UI based approach, linked here because I'm too ashamed to make it visible without an explanation, I've decided to drop that, and make it more Homeworld/RTS like. Basically, you'll launch shuttles from your hangar, select them, and right click on planets to send them on their way. Some basic shuttle types are listed below:

  • Miner
  • Explorer
  • Merchant
  • Terraformer
  • Combat
  • Colonizer

Thanks for checking out this week's build of SubLight! Don't forget to track us for more fun updates!


Sounds complicated, but perhaps sophisticated.

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Spacew00t Author

I hope so!

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