A unique cross between a city builder and a real time strategy game. The key to the game is the castle; designing it, managing it and defending it.

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Very good game, complex gameplay.


realy realy cool game must have if you are in to medieval strategy


No voy a mentir, la primera vez que lo jugue no lo entendia bien hasta que pase la campaƱa tutorial; despues de eso, me atrajo demasiado el juego.
Tiene bastante grado de realidad que no se ve muy seguido en los RTS, desde la construccion hasta el entrenamiento de unidades, todo se hace segun como era en la Edad Media.
La verdad, muy buen juego


Quite possibly the only real castle simulation game that also realistically and historically portraits the live in those very distant ages. Can be hard at start due to lack of a description for each unit or building which was changed in the sequels. The campaign and the glory of 2D isometric sprite graphics reign in this game.

Old, but still one of the best.

one of best games i ever played


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