Strife (released in 1996) is a Doom-engine game created by Rogue Entertainment and published by Velocity. It offered an RPG-like action game, with heavy story elements and voice-acting. Among the features were hub-levels much similar to Hexen, the ability to increase the player's accuracy with most of the weapons, an item that could destroy forcefields, and the ability to raise your maximum health from 100 to as much as 200 permanently. Strife is also the very last commercial game to use the Doom engine.

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The best game build on Doom engine. Unusual combination of FPS-RPG and science fiction with medieval themes. War with faith delights to the bitter end of game. Your mind must be freed.

I'm going to say 8/10, because the game's kinda fun, yet dull at the same time. The ZDoom sourceport for this game is okay, but Strife doesn't have that many mods compared to Doom (even though there already is a Brutal Doom and a Brutal Strife). Legacy of Strife's fun, but I just wish there were more mods for this game, especially an RGH compatibility patch for this mod, because this might be fun with RGA/RGH?

It takes the blandest approach to gameplay. It doesn't have many secret areas like Blood nor the humor or variety of environments, and it doesn't have variety of enemies like Doom... and it's weapon selection is minuscule. So what does Strife have? A conversation window with NPC's like Daggerfall... only with very few choices as to what you can ask. The only real choices to dialogue or whether you want to accept a mission or not... and why would you not want to?
The games only real advantage seems to be one that wasn't implemented well enough. It seems to have a story focus unlike the vagueness of Blood and Doom, but even here the story seems to be as thin as cardboard making you wish you hadn't wasted your time reading the dialogue.
The only reason I gave it a 4 is because its fairly long and has voice acting which gives it a edge I suppose.


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An unfortunately under-rated game!


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