Storybook Tactics is a turn-based tactical strategy game. Necromancers have cast a mind-controlling spell over the great warriors of the land. It's up to a squire and a wizard in training - along with whatever help they can find - to defeat the necromancers and lift the spell. Explore the world and defeat the cursed warriors to free them and recruit them to your team. Choose who you send into battle wisely - each warrior’s unique skills will be useful in the fight ahead.

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Well you get what you pay for they say ...
However, I do like the system that uses AP to determine how many moves/action you can take in your turn. It's different from the games in this genre that I'm used to, and make for a bit of different strategy planning. So at it's core, this game is pretty good in my taste.
What I miss however for a bit more in-depth strategy (or just ease of playing), is a "turn order" or "who's next in the list" display.
Also, that background music loop was getting the best of me after 15 minutes or so, good thing you can turn that off ^_^
Anyway, this game seems fun to play in all it's simplycity.

One of the worst games I ever played -.-


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It was fun, obviously graphics are not its greatest strenght but it has what one expects from a turn based FF Tactics like game.

This is pretty nice, the gameplay is ok, and i like the variety of characters. Everyone should check out this game.

I do love the idea of having a down-to-basics tatics game. I played the crap out of Fire Emblem and FFT back in the day, so this was nostalgia for me!

I clear it !!
It's so funny~

pretty cool,original story great art love the combat reminiscent of ff tactics on gba


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