A game about unicorns in space! We know it sounds a little bit cliché, but as the story progresses you will find more and more random things (that actually make sense when put together!), and, on top of that, it has lots of pop culture references! WARNING! THIS GAME HAS REFERENCES TO 18+ SITUATIONS AND CONTENT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Azatoth027 says

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The 'story': a unicorn crashed on a planet and gets through a few banal places (yes, my mind imagined banal places due to the poorly detailed narration offered) with events which are not only unfunny but dislogical. I got to a point where you have to guess the right action (a verb) to get past a wall. After five minutes of guessing, I finally typed 'fart' like any kid would. Guess what ? It worked. I had to fart on a wall to break it. That was for the 'story' part so you can get an idea of the type of the kind of game we're talking about.
Now the scripting part. The batch language is old, limited and accessible as hell. This should make this little title a stable one right ? Wrong. Many choices (clumsily written with an input command instead of simply choosing the 'choice' one) don't point to the menu they should and you end up leaving the game and losing your progress (which was hopefully worth two minutes of 'gameplay'). Also, the 'input' command means you have to re-write the damn choice you want without any spelling mistake allowed. Also no proper text layout used to make the reading easy. This applies to the ugly menus with half-made borders.

So what has been started on a limited language sadly turns out to be a VERY limited game.

I'd rather play Space Ace on the SNES.


irogue says

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If anyone has one bit of hesitation and thinks perhaps this game is atelast worthy of a look, then just make sure you have a wacko sense of humor and enjoy sloppy work.

The fact is the design and execution of this title, leads me to ask "what defines a game being called a game".

I have never in my 30 yrs of gaming seen anything that comes close to this bad.


This is a very short batch script full of echos, inputs, ifs and gotos. It has been turned into an exe with some utility and then packed with UPX.

Calling it a text adventure is an insult to real text adventures or interactive fiction which have working parsers, inventory systems, real plots, dynamic locations, dialogue, etc.

This "game" basically consists of some awful, juvenile, sexual "jokes" such as you might find on those parts of the internet that make you hit your back button as fast as you can with an extremely rudimentary system for travelling between them. (Basically multiple choice but you are forced to type out the whole option exactly).

I wouldn't install something like this. I don't think it does anything evil but I'm not going to run it to find out. The text inside the file if you un-UPX is does reference rmdir. Let's hope this is just some automatically-generated thing by the script-to-exe program and nothing malicious.

edit: Hmm. It's weird that Desura wouldn't let me rate the game 0. It says "The rating field must be greater than one". Actually they should have but "greater than or equal to".

Its the worst excuse for the windows shell ever. I feel so insulted buy the poor quality im going to make my own game in the batch coding language and it will be popular and stuff.

on lvl one i tried every single option but it continued saying the same.

Unfortunately, there is no more Spacecorn after Chapter 1 (unless I can get the devs to let me chip in). As for this one, the writing does lack some good humour and the English is poor (despite them being Portuguese -- although I have had some input on it). The message events could have been made less all-over-the-place, and more freedom. But, overall, it's not a bad game, and I support it and the developers, Gentlemen In Tuxedos.

Keep up the good work and hope to see more great games -- plus, hey, this also ain't bad for a first game!

Spacecorn gets 8 corny, magic unicorns from me.

I love it! This is the kind of game I would like to make. Awesome work; I really needed a game about unicorns!

Despite all of the bad reviews, I enjoyed this game. It was quite obviously made as a 'wtf' game, and I think they succeeded with that. People are giving bad reviews/ratings for things they didn'thave,and never said that they would.

one of the funnest games i have ever played my friends also find it hillarious bring another one out!

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