You have crash landed on a mysterious alien planet, everything is now a life or death decision. How long can you survive?

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Maybe I shouldn't like this game so much. I give it 10 for potential and the daily updates if you bought from the dev's site (via the handy updater program). It just feels so good to play even though I'm not very good at surviving.

One suggestion to devs is that objects be added to existing slots - for example, if I have dirt moved down to my quick slots, then any new dirt I dig up should be added to the existing dirt in the quick slot until it is full before going in a new inventory slot. Otherwise having a great time playing this game.

I've been with SpaceBit since it first began, helping its development. I really love the way it is turning out, and the way it is, it's already a very unique and enjoyable game. There's so much fun things you can do, you have a random world which you can shape to your desire, and every night you have to survive waves of enemies.I'd reccomend it to anyone! Check out =D !

i really love this game, so much fun!! cant wait to play when its release

very bad

Fun game,kinda like a top-down minecraft. Gave it a 9/10 because it froze and shutdown but other than that good game.

Good start for an indie :) good work

No Linux?

A great game at the moment but definatly has great potential in the future. Although does need some polish and an in game tutorial

Big potential.
Really fun, needs more content but its alpha isnt it? :)


The game is awesome :P

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