Sirius Online is a Freelancer-inspired MMO, garnished with a grain of EVE and a self-evolving universe. Combat your friends, harvest ores and explore the outer rims of the Sirius systems. But beware - not every player is a friendly one. Sirius Online is, as the name says, an Online Game and requires an internet connection. Enjoy the Mouse/Keyboard controls of classics like Starlancer, Elite and Freelancer in a fresh and new Universe to explore and populate.

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A short summary on what's new, what we are currently working on, and the upcoming 0.5 release

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Hello again!
Some of you have wondered why there were no new screenshots in the past few days. This is caused by me, as the game dev, by focusing on more gameplay elements like mining, shooting, and the general travel. Since this shows nothing new, or nothing noticeably new, I decided to not post screenshots of every single "brainfart" I had.

On more news:
We recently started on reimplementing the Chat and we won't add a server-sided chat - despite some might say its vital, it isn't. Instead we're relying on IRC-technology and wrote our own IRC client ingame which automatically connects to the right IRC-Server and channel. This allows you to chat with players even if you're at work, like per Mibbit or mIRC. We are still working on a solution to group- and organization-chat, but we have a layout on this.If you want to have a chat with us, you can drop by on, channel #SiriusChat!

Our posted Job ad was a success and we're happy to announce you the new graphical lead designer soon - but thats handled in a different news post.

The close future says, that we're intending to get 0.5 running somewhere between 15th Sept and 30th Sept 2012 - it will be the last M-Release prior to BETA2 1.0. "Whats an M-Release?" you might ask - M-Releases are major releases containing all necessary files to play. Future downloads will be updates, because we have a very limited bandwidth and can push up the releases faster and more relieable to you Users.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to comment or drop by in the IRC


TheD3X, Lead Developer, Sirius Online

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