Sirius Online is a Freelancer-inspired MMO, garnished with a grain of EVE and a self-evolving universe. Combat your friends, harvest ores and explore the outer rims of the Sirius systems. But beware - not every player is a friendly one. Sirius Online is, as the name says, an Online Game and requires an internet connection. Enjoy the Mouse/Keyboard controls of classics like Starlancer, Elite and Freelancer in a fresh and new Universe to explore and populate.

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Anywhere [OLD] Community Manager (English) at eK

community manager (english) ek anywhere web/other for our game "sirius" we are seeking for up to five community managers to build up a strong community, make contacts to indie game media, write articles and generally promote the game. this goes hand in hand with the upcoming release on desura early alpha access. your skills: - good communication skills - creativity in writing press and community releases - ability to write in good english to coordinate your work, irc ( channel #sirius) or skype is required. getting our game known is your prime directive. you will mostly work autonomous and on your own, but adhere to certain communication standard like refering to the devs for questions, go for target platforms like rockpapershotgun or makinggames. another part of your job is to moderate the forums, as well as attract people to join them at while appearance in irc isn't mandatory, we'd like to see you there - the more users, the more awesome! this is an internship, therefore unpaid. however, if your work pays off and the early access launch is successful, you may receive a complimentary payment based on the success.

Sirius Online
Developer eK
Blitz MAX
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Released Jul 30, 2014
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