Scud Storm is the game that turns C&C:Generals: Zero Hour into a fully 3D First Person Shooter. It has the same game mechanics as C&C:Renegade has and the fun of C&C:Generals: ZH. This game is standalone, you do not need either Renegade or Generals, or indeed any game, in order to run this. Visit our website today! Make sure you have registered at the forum for live updates! Please check us out at our website! Join us on our IRC channel: #ScudStorm (Discussion Channel) Note: We no longer support the old beta v1.00 If you haven't done so already, please watch this mod. Please visit the new forums at !

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Needs some work.


nice game but still not complete (no online-no campaign-no training-network only 2 players)

Generals is good game.


great work guys, an achievable goal has been set, look forward to seeing this completed.

Great mod, but it could do better


Dream come true to C&C Generals fans :D

its a good game but there was quite a few disapoitments ill try and list them
1 no campain or training
2 nobody plays multiplayer
3 col burton cant use c4 (D:)
and 4 its hard to capture tech building sometimes

great game but patch 1.5 is some ****



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