Rogue Republic is an innovative RTS project developed by a team of independent enthusiasts aimed to bring you a realistic yet intense C&C Generals-styled game you always dreamed about. Do not like C&C F2P for some reasons? Track Rogue Republic! The game will be released in episodes, with each episode bringing you a new campaign of the overall story arc ranging from Russian-Georgian conflict, hypothetical Turkish-Ukrainian war in the near future, WW3 and its falloutic aftermath.

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char Leclerc
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MrTimm Jul 29 2013 says:


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SveaRikeSoldier Jul 29 2013 says:

Hmm, nice idea of a MBT system... I suppose there will be no technical differences between the MBTs?

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MasterofMetal Jul 29 2013 buried:


Well... considering that the M1 Abrams basically has every requirement ticked, it'd only be natural for other nations adopt it, or create similar versions.

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Westonbirt Jul 29 2013 replied:

Actually, nobody in Europe has adopted the M1 as of now.

But Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland have adopted the Leopard 2. Then there is the Challenger, which only the UK use, and similarly for the Leclerc, which France will probably drop in a bunch of years, but no Abrams in sight.

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WolveNZ Jul 29 2013 replied:

Jupp, thats because the Abrams are Horrible peices of **** compared to anything European ^^

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Gamemaster_Fox Aug 9 2014 replied:

Not exactly. To say that the Abrams is a piece of **** is to say that the Leopard 2 is a piece of ****. All it needs right now is a turbine upgrade and it'll be awesome. We Americans NEVER trusted diesels to our tanks due to the fact that they rarely turned out great.

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jfpoliveira12 Jul 30 2013 replied:

Actually, Portugal and Italy use adapted Leopard 1, Portugal also still uses Patton tanks like Israel, on reserve, fully customized for armored support and defensive tactics.

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Warhead77777 Nov 23 2014 replied:

The AR-18 is the AR-15 only cheaper and more reliable. It came out less then a decade after the AR-15 did.

Dozens of countries cling to the M16 right now and there are Kurdish fighters grabbing M16s over AKs as you read this.

The AR-18 has not be adopted by any military faction save the IRA, because of the fact that no other faction adopted it besides the IRA.

In other words, popularity is rarely connected to ability.

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InsurgentCeLL Aug 6 2013 replied:

-12 karma says your wrong xD

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p*a*t*t*o*n Jul 31 2013 replied:

In order possibly to head off the massive ******* contest following here, I offer this statement:
Pretty much every modern Western MBT (Leclerc, Chally 2, Leo 2, M1A2, Merkava 4) is fully capable of killing any other tank on that list. There is no "best" tank per se, the margin of difference between these tanks is so minor that it's all about the tactics you use and what support you can bring to the table rather than the actual tanks themselves.

On topic, I think the idea of a random technical-style MBT for the EU faction is a great and unique idea that well-represents the variety a multi-national and diverse faction such as Europe brings to the table. If I may make a suggestion as to a slight variety between the three tanks: LeClerc-speed, Chally-armour, Leo2-firepower.
Thank You and Good Night :D

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jfpoliveira12 Jul 31 2013 replied:

wouldnt the challenger have more firepower and the Leopard have more armour instead? Im no tank expert thats why Im asking.
Anyway, you are right, there is no major advantage to any modern MBT over the others, for example Merkava is more armoured than a Leopard tank, but cant be airlifted easilly. Tanks are built or adapted for the countries they will serve in, accordingly with the doctrines practiced by those countries armed forces. Modern MBTs are built with possible oponents in mind so closely that they are built and upgraded constantly to be roughly at the same level, there is no virtual advantage except for tactics and strategy.

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p*a*t*t*o*n Jul 31 2013 replied:

My recommendation was a very generic and base suggestion with game balance in mind over realism. The Chally has Dorchester which at the moment is pretty much the gold standard in composite armour right now, the Leo's is less advanced than the Dorchester or the DU Chobham that the Abrams uses but still comparable, neither the French or Israeli armours are really well-documented although the Israeli armour has been battle-tested, while the LeCercs has not

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Guest Jan 4 2014 replied:

I bow to your Common Sense and thank you for ending this "My Tank is best" BS

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ubermensche Jul 29 2013 says:

Ooooh. Is there gonna be a Challenger 2 model?

+8 votes     reply to comment
D_M Jul 29 2013 says:

I 'm not sure I understand, you mean the engine will pick a random model when creating a EuroPanzer ?

Heh, Land Armée...That's some funny Frenglish.

+9 votes     reply to comment
CommanderDef Jul 29 2013 replied:

Looks that way. Nice idea. Leopard2, Leclerc and Challenger2? Only visual changes?

+2 votes     reply to comment
DEathgod65 Jul 29 2013 says:

The Oil Drums at the back of the tank kinda make it look too similar to the Russian T-90MS model IMO

+5 votes     reply to comment
rkraptor70 Jul 29 2013 says:

This tanks isn't French.

I can't see the white flag anywhere.

+11 votes     reply to comment
Delta_6 Jul 29 2013 replied:

Good one xD

+4 votes     reply to comment
MnBLover4life Jul 29 2013 replied:

Mon ami why hate la France so much ? ._.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Nuttah Jul 29 2013 replied:

Actually, the blue and red parts of the flag in the front are attached with velcro.

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Nagrach Jul 29 2013 replied:

You have forgotten the Mirrors!

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Nuttah Jul 29 2013 says:

Kind of a pity that this probably kind of precludes any major variations between the vehicles, without issues arising though.

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StrykerCraft Jul 29 2013 says:


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Guest Jul 29 2013 says:

I just remarked that this tank was already featured in the 1st anniversary picture with the cake and all.

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Erik313 Jul 29 2013 says:

Nice work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
supjay Jul 30 2013 says:

That's a nice touch, does abilities differ between these country specific units or is it just in-game model?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Woozle Aug 1 2013 says:

I really like this idea.

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Just like in Generals there were variants of the Technical, we'll have severals national variants of a single unit - Europanzer. This is done to represent the multi-national participation in Landarmee Europa.

Jul 29th, 2013
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