Robot crafting sandbox. Build ‘em! Battle ‘em! A universe where you can play with amazing robots that are designed, built and even programmed by you. Everything is a robot, doors, roads, walls, bridges, safes, traps, turrets, surveillance systems, etc. Build forts, towers and architect impressive structures to protect your planets and resources. You may play solo or with friends to infiltrate, conquer planets and gather resources. Traditional keyboards and mouse can be used along with midi devices, gamepads, iOS and Android devices; the point is, any device may be used as a controller. Create your own input setups and master your designs, whether it is controlling a huge robot or entire armies of relentless minions.

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Incredible robot sim. The game is already amazing in this under-developed state, and it will only get better. What really boggles my mind is the versatility of the parts. You want to build a lunar lander that can travel through space from planet to planet? I did that yesterday. Want to make a dragonfly that actually flies? Go ahead and beat me to it. If you like robotics, design, maybe a little architecture, or just like awesome robots fighting, building, exploring, mining, even terraforming, the only reason to not buy this game is that it isn't done yet. And that's not a very good reason, because this game will only get better with your support.

Jesus, I looks like a better version of EA's Spore, BUT WITH KICK *** ROBOTS!


This is simply amazing.
With the current build the controls and parts programming is not very easy however the possibilities are breathtaking :D

Very nice graphic, physic rules (afaik getting better soon), feels like Lego Technics upgraded.

Can`t imagine how will this look with some AI enemies, etc...
Even the sandbox, as it is right now, is well worth the money!

Just be sure to view the tutorials on the website.

If you require an easy to play with game- wait untill this is finished and play Mobiloid untill then ;)
If you are not afraid of some testing and learning, go right ahead and buy this already :).
After spending much more time in"game" ;) it seems that the controlls are only getting easier with updates and it`s actually possible to make AI controlled bots already.

I really like this Alpha , even if seems to be released a bit early for my taste still can spend hours in crafting and programming your robot . While its easy enough to put together cool robots in a sorta "lego" style (although sometimes parts just dont wanna join and keep bouncing off each other) , the programming part is a bit to console based for me and i hope the devs will add a interface version for that in the release game , even if just optional . Overall i dont regret spending money on this .


A very impressive and challenging game. Even in the early state it is currently in.
Creating a good bot can be hard work, but it is all the more rewarding when you succeed.

I'm eager to see what will become of this in the next versions.


It is a really good game, as long as you can grasp basics and new idea's, this game will have endless possibilities.



Fantastic Idea.
Never imagined find a game so unlimited. the possibilities for this game is countless. Could be an RPG, RTS, Plataform, etc.
If it is Alfa i am eager to see the final version.
Great job.
and Thanks.

Like some people said.. The controls do not bind well, I hope they can change all of this controls! Besides of that the game is good.


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imposbal to move camra sucks not what you think it is

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