• Play as three completely different classes: Fighter; Survivor; and Trickster. • Probably the only scrolling shooter where the scrolling speed of the screen is not fixed, but can be manipulated by the player, adding the possibility to do time trials besides the usual score hunting. • While mostly side-scrolling, the view occasionally switches to top-view to enable more interesting gameplay situations. • It’s not all about shooting, but also about maneuvering. The various environmental hazards underline this feature, which are not only deadly to you, but also to your enemies.

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6 KeizerGhidorah

Aug 20th, 2013

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fierroni says
8 fierroni

Jul 29th, 2013

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siamaktazari says
9 siamaktazari

Jul 25th, 2013

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8 makalele

Jul 6th, 2013

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8 MOPO322

Jul 4th, 2013

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