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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Programmer & 3D Modler needed *Must be unity 3D experts/know what they are d at Purple Face Games

programmer & 3d modler needed *must be unity 3d experts/know what they are d purple face games anywhere programmers hey there. 3d modelers and artists need not apply, the art position has been filled. still looking for a competent programmer who is an expert at using unity 3d. {paid} i have a few positions for free lance workers to work on creating an online pool game where players can compete against each other with trick shots and so forth. the game will be similar to cue online as requested by the third party wanting the game to be made. i ideally need some one who would feel comfortable making the art assets for the game, i.e pool tables, bar area and surrounding crowd, dynamic lighting effects. there will be one arena to start off with but then after a while there will be more work availbe in the form of premium add on content such as "artsy pool tables" & even hockey tables. the second position is a programmer who feels confiedent at designing a physics system for the game and the general mechanics for the game. the engine i am thinking of using is unity because it has the option of making an online game, plus its easy to use, so unity experts needed. i my self am the project manager and contact to the third party, who shall not be named. this position is a free lance position, not a full time position, and you must understand that i (purple face games) will retain all the rights to the game and assets, and you in no way will be entitled to anything other then pay for your work. on the note of pay, please email me your details and the position you are applying for, (programmer/3d artist) and how much you would usually expect for such work. please also include references to a portfolio of your past work that relates to this current project. ) the programmer will be responsible for designing the game and putting it toegther. you may be wandering what i'm responsible for: i am the lead director for the game, i will playtest the game and figure out what needs putting in. this is a paid side project for my company, seeing i'm working on 2 games my self, i need people who can do their job well, without me looking over there shoulder. i cant use unity 3d, i have not learnt it, but i gather that is the best available engine out there at the minute. i will try my best to put in level design work but that will mean me taking time off from my current project which is out in 2 months. i will be responsible for the music and sound effects of the game (producing the musical score and blips and blops) i will also be responsible for the gui and interface, but some one with unity experience will be responisble for implementing my music and graphic contributions. i am also responsible for paying you, which will be discussed in more detail in my response email to you. this position is freelance, but if a strong rapor/bond is made then there may be room for you permently at purple face games. ***pay is negotiable to a point, be fair when laying down you price. good portfolios with quality work will sway to higher pay. remember you will be working for an indie company, not ea, so expect indie pay!*** things you will need: talent a portfolio of your work skype so we can talk live during work. to be at least 18 years old have no problem answering to authority. be a professional be willing to do what is required please send all emails to: please note that this is a real job & you will be paid according to the work. the third party wanting the game made is paying good money for it, so factor that in when applying because i have no time for time wasters. thank you. luis

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