Moldering began as a humble dorm room project and over its on and off development, has grown to something much bigger. The adventure begins on a strange unknown planet, after a balloon ride has gone awry. Full of lush ambient environments to explore, our player soon discovers that his problems are much bigger than fixing his ride home. Moldering is something that has been built from the ground up. It has and still is a learning experience as well as an ambitious project. There is a library of original music, interesting characters and an entire world mapped out to traverse and unearth.

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Horraaay! We got a bit of funding from our 8-bit Funding site. To celebrate, we wanted to release some media to you! We didn't raise an immense amount, but every little bit counts. We put our goal quite high, as we had some high hopes for the future. This would have been set to something lower / more reasonable if it weren't for 8-bit's policy of allowing us to keep funds even if we don't reach our goal! Thanks, and thanks to everyone who donated! We learned a lot from trying this site out, and have some ideas for the next time around.

In other news, we also acquired some new art assets from one of our artists. You can see the full transformation from prototype graphics to the final thing here!

Final Graphics Screenie, better quality

I've put together a map to show off what he has made for us, but have run into some problems. After playing with multiple video capture programs for hours, and still not getting what I want, I decided to put up two videos of the same thing. One better quality than the other, but it recorded in slow motion for some reason, and it cut off the bottom of the screen as it recorded.

The other is cropped but is of poorer quality. One day I'll get a computer that can handle a few programs at once :( Please disregard the yellow circle at the top, it is just there to highlight the cursor in the program. It was not possible to get rid of it.

Start World Runthrough Low Quality - Indie DB

Thanks for watching / reading, and please leave comments! They help, especially the constructive criticisms :) If you want a more detailed view of our development process please visit us at our development blog!


Some Community Artwork, More Music and a Video!

Some Community Artwork, More Music and a Video!


These are some artworks done by friends of the team... on a table, and one on a Facebook doodler program. This post includes some other goodies as well...

Music and more!

Music and more!

News 2 comments

Some music James has written for the game, we thought it was a good time to release some. Also, a little bit of extra news!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!


An introduction into who we are and what we are doing...


this seems pretty cool, i hope it turns out good.

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what version of joal are you using? As soon as you are using java, I have tried to run the demo under linux. It is using joal native library which is a bridge to openAL, and as soon as joal is also opensource and cross-platform, I expected it to work under linux too. I have taken joal 1.1.3 build from here , replaced some jars and added required so-files files, but at the end received "NoSuchMethodError:[F)V" at one of the joal jni java files which most likely means, that you are using not 1.1.3 joal version.

By the way, according to this thread joal is currently dead and not maintained anymore - even their homepage already does not work. You might want to consider using which is more alive according to the comments.

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MolderingDevTeam Creator

Here is what I found in the readme, which might help:

OpenAL comes with various Linux distributions. You might have it already.
If not, try rpmfind, apt-get or emerge.

More up-to-date versions are available from in the
downloads section. Install first the openal-[version].i586.rpm and
then the openal-devel-[version]-i586.rpm. Unfortunately, due to
confusion in the OpenAL version numbering, the version from may seem to be "older" than the version preinstalled on
the Linux distribution, even though it is more recent. To work
around this problem, do the following steps:

# rpm --force --upgrade openal-0.0.8-1.i586.rpm
# rpm -i openal-devel-0.0.8-1.i586.rpm

Now test to make sure the RPMs are installed:

# rpm -qa | grep -i openal

For the newest version you need to compile OpenAL yourself from CVS:

-- follow the instruction at to check out a fresh copy
-- in the linux subdir type './
-- look at the build options with ./configure --help
-- configure it with./configure --enable-sdl --enable-vorbis [-enable-more]
(see openal.spec for a full set)
-- build it with make && make test and run the tests
-- as root type make install
-- add /usr/local/lib to you /etc/ and run ldconfig

Let me know if this works, I'm very interested.

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Yes, openAL is available on probably any linux distribution, but the problem is not with openAL library, but with JOAL lib which is java api for openal. So, your distribution would consist of the following parts:

1. OpenAL is available almost in any system (which is openal.dll/ etc) - is is not related to Java. Generally you will not need to provide openal with your game at least for linux.

2. JOAL provides Java api for openal, so java programs can use system-wide openal. I did not find JOAL in my distributions repository (opensuse) and actually I even could not find its source code and builds anywhere in the inet, cause its original site ( is not available anymore. So, most likely this lib should be provided with the game distribution as you do right now.

3. Your game jars and data - this should definitely the part of distribution :)

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The rest of the post (site engine does not allow me to posts messages more than 50 characters):

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MolderingDevTeam Creator

Okay, I will look into this. I'm glad you brought it to my attention. At the moment I haven't done any testing on Linux in a long time. I had it running on Ubuntu a long while back, but not since I've added a few external libraries. I think a good idea would be for me to dig through all my old builds and see if I have the JOAL libraries backed-up somewhere. Otherwise, like you said, my best bet is to probably switch over to 1.1.3.

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MolderingDevTeam Creator

I can't seem to find any evidence of which JOAL I am using. I probably should have kept a little bit better documentation, but since I added that part of the code almost a year ago I can't be certain. I did find in the readme some preparations that might help. Also, since this part of the code is working I likely won't be changing it. However, I do plan to test the code on Linux and Mac before a final release and work hard to release it on all three major platforms.

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Omg why didn't you guys tell me you had a ModDB/IndieDB profile! :D
Awesome! I used to make some sprites for this game on a try-out. Good to see this project is really going somewhere!

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MolderingDevTeam Creator

Haha, because it is only a few days old! Good to see you found us again though!

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MolderingDevTeam Creator

I couldn't find the song I originally posted this with on YouTube, but it is better to watch with some music. Here is the link

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