Dinosaurs have been unleashed on an old military controlled island due to an experiment gone awry. A team of mercenaries have been dispatched to contain the threat.
Primal Carnage is a multiplayer first person shooter where players must work as a team to complete game mode dependent objectives. In Primal Carnage, you can play as one of two factions: dinosaurs or humans. Both are filled with special unique classes and abilities that complement and contrast each other.
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DeltaForce95 Feb 19 2012 says:

cant help but feel like the humans have no chance
though that last clip with teh 2 TRex's roaring was sick :3 omg

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Jesusfreak May 2 2012 replied:

I hope the game isn't balanced out like other shooters. I want this to be like Aliens: One group of humans against fast, big, and smart enemies. Being overwhelmed is something that I enjoy.

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dafishanator Feb 19 2012 says:

Awesome! WILL buy

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Baryonyx Feb 19 2012 says:

So no feathered "raptors" then?

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RaptorXL Jul 1 2012 replied:

nope, no feathered faggots for you

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Grimreaper905 Feb 19 2012 says:

Once the humans get like tackled by the dinos thats it?
Seems kinda lame aha

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Zeltrax Feb 19 2012 says:

Yup humans have no chance... fir st person hand textures are a bit poor quality :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
GabeTheKid Feb 19 2012 says:

this seems like hella fun :D id definitely chose humans :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
morganio Feb 20 2012 says:


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aidas2 Feb 20 2012 says:

Looks quite good, but you definately need some wrestle system for humans when dinos attack. Now they just jump on you and you're instantly dead and can't do anything about. How about a qte, or who can smash buttons harder when under such situation?

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Trooper425 Feb 21 2012 replied:

I agree, humans need a LITtLE bit of a chance when they're tackled.

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SPY-maps Feb 20 2012 says:

Thanks for uploading this movie, i always prefer movies above screens.
i am tracking this game for quit a long time now and loved it from the start. Still, i am no mp game fan at all, SP is my gamemode. That said it looks to me that this game is even more hectic as most of the other (MP mode) games are. For me it's way to hectic, but, other then that this game really looks very professional and i think it will be very successful!

great work guys!


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ThePeanutBaron Feb 20 2012 says:

Would like to see a human class that could build traps. :)

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f0u Feb 20 2012 says:

This game looks ******* SICK!!!!!!

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Rotfuchs Feb 21 2012 says:


but the screams of the humans, when they are killed by dinosaurs are weak. always "oh uh oh ah". shoudn`t it be something like: "FUKING CHRIST! OMG! HELP ME! GET IT OFF ME! HEEEEEELP"

just as a suggestion

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Kamikazi[Uk] Feb 21 2012 says:

Looks really awesome. Why do you guys keep changing engine every video you upload :S. It seems very unorganized to constantly change engines. Alot of stuff you can reuse but why do you keep changing :S.

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loanstar744 Feb 22 2012 says:

I think it plays pretty evenly, I mean it's just like in CS:S, if you get knifed in the back, instant kill, plus humans can attack at a distance and you CAN save your partner if they are leaped on by a Raptor.

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SPTX Feb 23 2012 says:

needs better sounds for humans, right now they all sound like they have *******.

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animalgirl Feb 25 2012 says:

This game looks so cool. I am definently going to buy it when it is released.
I would like the praise the makers of this game for making realistic dinosaur designs and movements.

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gkidcj Mar 3 2012 says:

Looks AMAZING! Can't wait to try it out!

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Newbez Apr 4 2012 says:

i know this is alpha but will mention anyway. please get rid of/or change the red screen. it's awful. and the sound when you get attacked is annoying (the girl). and m249 defo needs bigger muzzle flash.

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Guest Sep 6 2013 says:

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