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Jun 29 2012 Anchor

Hey everybody,

evertime is start Postal the terminal says: failed to load
after this it shuts down.

and suggestions?

EDIT: I am using Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

thanks in advance

I solved the problem above with installing the 32-bit libraries.
But now another problems occurs. I have some sort of graphic issue.

The game starts but i see no menu, just the moving background with all this stuff.

I am using Ubuntu 64bit Precise Pangolin.

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Jul 7 2012 Anchor

No idea about your secondary problem, but I am having the same issue that you had with it complaining about it failing to load, but I am already running it from a 32-bit Fedora 16 system. The sharware version from Desura worked fine.

EDIT: I got the problem solved by removing the libary that was included with the game. You can find it in your Desura directory by going through desura/common/postal-2/postal2game/System. I just moved it to a seperate "lib" directory and now everything is dandy.

Still hope someone can help you out though Wazle.

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Jul 10 2012 Anchor

This game is weird. In some sort of strange idea i just deleted the lib fille you mentioned, Now the game starts properly. See if there occur any other bugs.

Thank you for you hint :)

Jul 19 2012 Anchor

There probably should not be any bugs, as it is just loading your system libary instead of it's own staticaly linked one. At least, I have not noticed any bugs related to it, and I am about to complete Thursday. This should also fix Apocalypse Weekend for you BTW. ;)

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Aug 2 2012 Anchor

I recently bought the game and it downloaded right but whne it installs to 10% it says the MCF error and i tried all three options to try and re install it and it still says the same things.

Aug 15 2012 Anchor

Thank you very much,
I had the same problem, this (remove helped.

Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.

Mar 3 2013 Anchor

I have the same problem but to delete or move the file never made the game works, I still have this message :

Failed loading Exiting due to error

So now, I am stuck, I can't launch the game
I am on Debian Wheezy (actually testing. Squeeze is still stable) and I can't launch the game...
please help :(

Mar 3 2013 Anchor

I assume other 3D games are working correctly and you have working 3D drivers installed?

It is still working fine for me on Arch Linux once I removed the library.

EDIT: Maybe try copying the from /usr/lib to your Postal 2 system directory. A long shot, but worth a try.

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Mar 4 2013 Anchor

Trine works well, I make more than 300 FPS with Minecraft.

I installed nvidia-glx from wheezy depositories

I will try for copy, I keep you in touch

thank you for helping me

EDIT : locate libgcc1

I don't have libgcc1 available for use, it seems :(
I am running on a amd64 but I already did :

# dpkg --add-architecture i386
# aptitude update
# aptitude install ia32-libs
# aptitude install nvidia-glx-ia32

On Debian Squeeze, the game already worked really well but now on Wheezy... it is not

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Mar 4 2013 Anchor

You do not have libgcc? It seems to be available for Wheezy:

Mar 5 2013 Anchor

Yes, it is already installed and even the 32 bits version

aptitude search libgcc
i libgcc1 - Bibliothèque de support GCC
i A libgcc1:i386 - Bibliothèque de support GCC
p libgcc1-dbg - GCC support library (debug symbols)
p libgcc1-dbg:i386 - GCC support library (debug symbols)
p libgccxml-dev - Libraries for building extension to gccxml
p libgccxml-dev:i386

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Mar 6 2013 Anchor

Well, colour me confused. Not what you probably want to hear i take it? :(

Mar 6 2013 Anchor

Oh :(
I succeed to access the menu by doing this

ln -s /usr/lib/mesa-diverted/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/

But now, on the menu I don't see anything but I hear the game and the weird sound of the select menu. So I succeed to launch the game but now I JUST don't see anything... any idea ?

I have also a problem with Trine 2. The game is, like Postal 2, only 32 bits binary and before to make this action, the game never made anything but since I did the command, I have the little windows asking me which resolution, the graphics etc... but when I start the game, it come all black for a few seconds and then return to desktop...

Why there is NO 32 bits game working on my Debian ?? It's really strange !!!
I mean, Amnesia is 64 bits and Trine 1 too, and both run more than perfectly on my system !!

I won't let it win, I will find the solution to my problem and I will post it here for every other people having the same issue !!

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Mar 6 2013 Anchor

I know with WINE you need 32-bit versions of certain graphics components to get it to work on 64-bit systems. Since you are using the proprietary Nvidia blob I do not know how to help you, as my only experience with this was using the free Radeon drivers on Fedora, where I just grabbed the 32-bit Mesa packages to get around this issue. Still, maybe that has something to do with it, although it could still be unrelated.

Shame to since Trine 2 is running really well for me on my setup as well. Hope you can get things working.

You could try issuing this into a terminal and then trying to launch Postal/Trine from the same terminal though:
export LIBGL_DRIVERS_DIR=/usr/lib/dri

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Mar 6 2013 Anchor

I FOUND !!!!

I finally found, after sooooooooo many hours of researches.

Finally, I don't have to use ia32-libs.

Let me explain you what I did... Firts of all, I format my partition to be sure to start from 0.
I installed nvidia-glx (the x64 version, of course)
I added repositories of architecture i386 to my computer
AND I made this :
# aptitude install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386
# aptitude install libasound2:i386

I never had to remove any files from the game, not even to create a link from libs files, nothing at all !!
The first one gave me what I need to start the game correctly (it's about graphics) and the second one is for the sound of 32 bits 3D applications.
I can play POSTAL 2 NOW !!!!
Oh and I will try Trine 2 later, I have to download it.

I had to know between Squeeze and Wheezy, about architecture, it completely changed.
Before I had to just add ia32-libs and nvidia-glx-ia32
but now it should disappear because it doesn't work anymore

I really thank you so much to help me until we finally have the solution, hamishwilson. I am really happy to know there is people like you :)
Hope what I wrote will help some poor guys in the same trouble as I was

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Mar 7 2013 Anchor

Great that you found a solution! :D

Sep 5 2013 Anchor

Error setting display mode: CreateDevice failed (D3DERR_DRIVERINTERNALERROR). If you just started the game then delete your 'Postal2.ini' file and try again. Otherwise check the Tech Support web site.History: UD3DRenderDevice::UnSetRes <- CreateDevice <- UD3DRenderDevice::SetRes <- UWindowsViewport::TryRenderDevice <- UWindowsViewport::OpenWindow <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

Please Help I don't know what to do ?!?!??

Sep 5 2013 Anchor

Try deleting the Postal2.ini like file it suggested?

Also, are you on Linux or not, as it seems to be looking for DirectX?

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