Gone are the Pokémon Centers, Shops and Gyms. Gone are the houses, villagers and friendly Professors with angry nephews. It's just you and 5 generations of wild Pokémon. And you're pretty sure someone out there wants you very, very dead.

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Xatu-cave v11.4 Bug Reports Fitzeputz Fitzeputz - read

11hours 12mins ago

v 11.3 major starter/mountain zone map bug, and possible(?) someone's PC bug Bug Reports mojo12321 tyson275 - read

May 29 2016

v11.3 Black Ground Bug Reports Pichi22 Pichi22 - read

Feb 4 2016

Game does not run Help! GothicRaptor GothicRaptor - read

Jan 28 2016

What Pokemon to pick General Discussion Vatney 10  Rexisaur - read

Oct 25 2015

Bug v 11.3 - Sp def and debug bug Bug Reports Goatastrophe Stolos - read

Jun 3 2015

Progress? General Discussion JackPS9 Stolos - read

May 19 2015

Can someone tell me the name of this sound track? General Discussion Porkemon Porkemon - read

Feb 13 2015

More incentive to explore, such as actually surviving Suggestions and Feature Requests blitzkritz omegadarkzero - read

Feb 5 2015

Does the project was canceled? General Discussion bpsysgamer ferriswheel42 - read

Oct 6 2014

Evolving Gameplay Discussion unculturedmamoswine ferriswheel42 - read

Sep 17 2014

Parts of the map are black v11.3 Bug Reports SubtheZero ferriswheel42 - read

Aug 20 2014

cant start game Help! Mattiscool123223 D.jTeo - read

Aug 1 2014

Fullscreen, speed and resolution Suggestions and Feature Requests TheLastMelody Shenaldrac - read

Jul 29 2014

An Option Suggestions and Feature Requests Xehiros azurite1994 - read

May 23 2014

Staring zone bug Bug Reports Pricee123 ferriswheel42 - read

May 15 2014

Following Pokemon General Discussion eddiethehedgehog ferriswheel42 - read

Apr 28 2014

PSI For Mac! Suggestions and Feature Requests ezpwnage ezpwnage - read

Apr 4 2014

PC v 11.2b Bug Reports fluid_shadow ferriswheel42 - read

Mar 25 2014

Dirt Waterfall Bug Reports fluid_shadow ferriswheel42 - read

Mar 25 2014

Pomeg Berry v 11.2b Bug Reports fluid_shadow fluid_shadow - read

Mar 19 2014

Xatu cave - no collisions bug Bug Reports endie Virus714 - read

Mar 9 2014

Bug found Potion Bug Reports toul64 ferriswheel42 - read

Mar 7 2014

Bug- getting stuck in one of the temple's Bug Reports filipmarcinkowski35 ferriswheel42 - read

Mar 7 2014

Bug - Created item by 'accident'? Bug Reports endie ferriswheel42 - read

Mar 7 2014


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