PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is Open Source and FULLY FREE to play. Fully free means you will have no surprises of premium content which will limit your gameplay or unbalance the game. PlaneShift is a non profit organization and is actively seeking developers for bringing the game to the next level of quality and fun! Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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derula says

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Not a complete game. The setting of the world is interesting, but the claims of the website that this game focuses on roleplay are completely ridiculed by the little amount of information that is given about the world. To properly roleplay your character, you have to do hours of questing in-game or read dozens of in-game books, because there is no information available on the Internet (it is officially considered "spoilers"). In a consequence, you are forced to run around the world for a long time not being able to roleplay because you don't know how the world works. The solution is either not to RP at all or to upset / disturb other players because you're being out of setting.

The game is not very interesting for grinding right now either. You can gain some stats, but battles are boring, enemy AI and battle animation is laughable, and there are no real dungeons or boss fights that require team planning. You can spend many hours leveling up your wide range of skills, but there is, in my opinion, no real feeling of advance yet. Nobody will call you a hero when you "maxed your stats", you won't get access to new areas or bosses (there is only one, rather small, unlockable area which is unlocked through quests alone).

The graphics of this game are insanely outdated. If you think "good, that means it runs faster", you're sadly not right. It runs pretty smoothly on a fairly modern PC, but the problem is, from the looks of it, it should run very smoothly on a fairly old PC. Enabling "shadows" (transparent circles under objects which sometimes drop through platforms) slows down the game considerably. I have to check my watch... nope, it's not 1996 any more. But problems don't stop there, there are numerous glitches and graphical bugs, some of them years old. Recently, the percentage of finished models for characters has raised considerably - not because new models were made, but because a few races have been removed from the game.

I recommend to wait for finished game.

Rubbish, hated it, a not very good grindfest and everyone is not co-operative and does not have much knowledge of the game. Also, the stories are too in-depth and grinding is really boring in this game.


Kaurin says

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This game needs lots more work


rhamph says

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I'd call this an early alpha version. By no means playable.


Large and empty. Lacks direction and enjoyable gameplay.


Belive me, I played this game back in 2005, when it was still in alpha stage. Believe it or not, it is still after 8 years since I last played it.

Even after 8 years, it lacks content, the gameplay is so confusing, and the leveling up is confusing that you have to ask some people how to level up, and after 8 years, I don't care because I refuse to play this game.

The NPC system is rather... Uh how should I say it, annoying and I have to talk to NPCs with "Say... Blah". It's much easier in RPGs to have a list of words to say like in the Bioware games.

The game is glitchy and buggy as well, and every update I come to see, I just want some content, but all I see is fixes in the game.

The story is well... Unique but odd. Like example, some goddess turns into a man after her godly friend created there own race... Really? The setting is decent, taking place in a stalactite, that's pretty good enough for me since that's unique.

Heck, dying is the most irritating thing ever, you're taken into this level where you have to go through it without dying, and if you die again, you gotta start the level over. Sometimes, I want to go down the stairs or in that temple if I want to enter it's labyrinth, I go down to high and die, then I have to go to the death level. Sorry, if you're not a fan of losing like me, this is not the game for you.

Roleplay... I roleplay in my spare times, I've been in some communities that ended up being terrible. But god, I don't want to roleplay in a game, but if you were a kid like me at the time when I played this in 2005 (13, to be exact.) Would you wanna roleplay in a game? No, you just install the game and play it.

Overall, as a avid player of MMOs, this is just... Ugh. It's nothing but a joke, I don't care if it's completely free or it's some hobby game. I want the lodes of content you haven't brought since the past 8 years I've been on and off playing it.

Okay first and foremost.....Hi I'm Chuggamario and I'm a pretty nice guy, but tis review is low rated for a few reasons. After about an hour of waiting for the game to download, I eagerly double-click the game and wait eagerly for the launcher to show so I can click play, so far so good right? Wrong. After clicking play it crases before the loading screen twice. I load it up again, this time the loading screen shows but yet again, it crashes before I can even reach the login page, after a few minutes of facepalming and pencil throwing, I finally login and click create a character, many things go wrong here, 1. I can't even see what my character looks like to customize him. 2. Everytime I click a race my game crashes and I have to reload it. and 3. It continually happens yadayadayada. If I would of actually gotten a chance to create my character and enjoy the game I'm sure it would have been fun, but the fun never lasts if you cant even login to a server. How was I suppose to give this a good rating when I cant get pass character creation when this continues happening, even when I lower my graphics? (First review be nice :c)

the game has NO links, only one failed server and its downloadable and unplayable i rest my case

Gives you no links so you can register, you have to actually leave the game to go to the browser and type it in. Then there is only one server so there was no variety and the server failed so I couldn't even play, basically I just wasted my time, that was terrible.


big crap

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its a good concept that can develop into sometihng fun

Sep 14 2011 by bradenbaik