Phoenix Universe of Space Combat or Phoenix USC is a arena based fast action space combat MMO that will support up to 100 players per server (more possible). Players battle it out in arena free space or in a bases. Typical games are capture the flag, team on team and league or wing matches. Players select a spaceship and weapons to craft a ship to meet their needs. Battling in a rich visual environment players compete in building their scores, stats, wins and kills. If you like fast action, intense and addictive fast action online space combat then Phoenix USC is the game for you.

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I'm still hard at work developing Phoenix USC. I thought I would post this development video of Phoenix USC. Featured here is the new duel layer of play that lets you play on two levels on a map. This allows overhead ramps, balconies and more, even an entire second level layer on the same map. Options will allow the upper layer to be semitransparent, solid or invisible. The pink and purple bars at the ends of the ramps are switches and will be hidden in an actual game scenario.

I have added a exhaust trail system that can have several trailing tails behind a ship.

I have also added an overhead part system that allows for things like overhead struts or other types of map parts. The same system allows for lights and shadows that interact with the ships on a map for example shadows form an overhead part cast on top of a ship or the same with lights.

Phoenix USC is humming along in beta development. :)

- Rich -

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