A strange virus escape from a secret research laboratory, in about 4 hours the entire state of Atlas has been infected, the most part of the population is now "dead" or crazy. This virus is dangerous not just only for peoples but also to the environment. After the infection alot of places have got hard climate changes. A strange and dense fog has been appeared in many places. First rumours are saying that where there is fog, the virus will mutate humans into walking-deads otherwise if there is no fog the virus make people goes insane. Militaries and polices forces are making some outpost to defend and help the peoples. You have to survive to this hell, kill zombies and psycho's just when it's needed or you can fall in a dead-trap. Alot of survivors will ask you for help, it's a yours choice to help them or not. And remember that: Survivors are not all good people...so be careful every time.

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Hi, i'm glad to announce my first game with this trailer.
It's called Pandemic Hell and it's an horror game.

I'm making this game alone, without any help.

All 3d models,sounds,voices and video editing has been
done by me.

Game engine is S2 Engine HD.

Sorry if the trailer can contain some little errors.

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