Outpost is a 3D Sidescrolling Multiplayer Shooter!! Moving all action onto a 2D plane makes Outpost have a very unique style of gameplay. With an array of Weapons and attachements, you can play with anyone around the world in different gamemodes and maps. Outpost allows you to host your own server with only minimal hit on performance, so you can play what you want with as many people as you want! The Team: We are currently just a team of 2: Cameron Lonsdale Benjamin Schaaf

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Anywhere [OLD] Player Modeler at Outpost Software

player modeler outpost software anywhere artists a player modeler is needed to model, skin and rig player models. animation skill is also a plus. for our game outpost, we will be needed 2 player models (male and female) and 4 skins. check out our indiedb page http://www.indiedb.com/games/outpost youtube videos http://www.youtube.com/outpostsoftware download the game and try it yourself http://outpostsoftware.com/ we need someone who can - work efficiently - work creatively without concept art - meet deadlines - good communicator - willing to work unpaid

Anywhere [OLD] Artist at Outpost Software

artist outpost software anywhere artists outpost needs an artist for 2 main tasks - creating in game images - creating promotional/concept art we need a person who is - a good team worker - a good communicator - able to meet deadlines - creative - able to share and create ideas view the game on indie db here http://www.indiedb.com/games/outpost on youtube http://www.youtube.com/outpostsoftware on our website http://outpostsoftware.com/

Windows, Mac, Linux
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Outpost Software
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