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We need your vote! Theme song! Mechanics improved!

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Hello everyone. I'm finally here at home after an entire month of not progressing with the development. And I'm happy to tell you that I worked again on it!

So... What's new?
I did what I told you on my previous post.

Movement mechanics were improved!

Ooni's moving speed was increased by almost 200%!
I have heard a lot of times from the people who have played the pre-alpha version of the game that the speed was very slow, and that a faster character would make the game more entertaining.
Another point is that the jumping gravity was significantly modified.

Yeah. Ooni used to jump like a space man at the moon!
Horrible mechanic. I'm glad I already fixed that.

These small details sure changed the gameplay a lot! And it is going well! :)
I'm sorry for not posting a video for explaining it all! I had no time to do it.

Oh! You see that picture from above? It is an undetailed stage made by Jon Leek. Who was supposed to be our level designer. He made just three stages for the game, but then he didn't spoke a word ever again. So if you're a level designer, we could hire you! But wait! Don't contact us now, we'll post a Job Ad on IndieDB when we get ready for a new member :)

I totally forgot!
Some of you haven't heard of the main theme of the game!

Color, by Garret Beelow

I just love this song. And I feel like it fits the game perfectly.
Good job Garret.

Oh! There's another thing I would like to talk about!

I've been posting the same question like three times in a row, and no one seems to vote -.-
I really need your vote. My team and I will be making an Indie Game Creation Marathon to raise money for charity.

The reason that we'll be doing the Game Creation Marathon as a charity event is because I don't care if I get money, I'm still a student, I'm still living with my parents, I don't need it!
Well, actually I need it. The last thing I need is a program worth almost $1,000 to export Ooni, my game, and sell it on the Apple's AppStore and Android's App Store.
That's why there's going to be a donation button for the developers, and one donation button for charity as well. You can donate any amount of money to any of the two causes or don't donate if you want. After all, the game is going to be Free to Play...

You just lost it...

Just kidding! We want YOU (yes, YOU) to decide which game we should make!
Vote below please ;)

Okay, okay. What is a Game Creation Marathon?
Well, this is not my first time doing a marathon, so I can simply thell that it consists in creating a game that reaches at least the alpha stage in less than a certain time. I usually choose 24 hours as my goal, but my desicion may change.
I will be streaming live while making the game, so everyone will be able to see exactly what I do when the day comes.

On my previous marathons we got a maximum of like 4 watchers at a time, and 200 watchs in total. Ouch.
I would be really cool if we get some attention this time. After all, we'll be doing charity!
We will be making the game on a live stream, and when the game gets done, we will put it in a website and it will be Free to Play!

Also, Christmas is comming soon, what if we make something like The Speed Gamers?
A few years ago, The Speed Gamers decided to catch all the 493 Pokémons (now they're 649) in less than 72 hours. They had a Donation button where people was able to donate money to them. Well, not literally them. When the marathon ended, they donated all the money to an orphanatory so those kids could have a Merry Christmas! Oh yeah! They donated $5,000,000 if I remember.

We will put two donation buttons: one for the developers and one for the charity. Basically, you decide.
I, the developer, need some money to get the program and the license I need in order to finish Ooni. That's all I need...

Well, anyways, since this marathon is really important for me, this time I'll let you choose which kind of game you want me to develop! (Woo!) So I don't create anything in vain.
I won't tell you the name of the game or what is all about yet. Just a brief description.

So, what do we have as Option 1???

Option 1:
A battle platformer inspired in Super Smash Bros., Super Crate Box's massive enemies and the art of Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery.
You'll be able to play with lots of different characters with different abilities. And by lots of characters, I mean LOTS OF CHARACTERS! Literally... In fact, you may be able to recognize most of them ;)
People will be allowed to design their own characters and they may be added to the game and all could play with them!
It will be able to be played by up to 2 players! The Alpha 1.0 will feature the survival mode, and I would add another interesting feature by the time (HINT: Super Smash Bros's Classic Mode ;D). Also, level editor.

...And what's with Option 2?

Option 2:
A basic First Person Shooter, with fancy graphics (HINT: Doodle!).
Players will be able to change the texture pack. And maybe people will be able to make their own levels as an upcoming update.

Are you ready? You sure?
Well, if you're ready, please vote above.
And please, choose wisely.

If you're not able to see the poll by some reason reload or please, vote in the comment section below.

The marathon's results will be up around December and the marathon, as well, will be in December. December 16, more or less.
I'll tell you the date when everything gets organized. Please follow me on IndieDB if you want to stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and supporting my project. Remember that I will still work on Ooni, because this is just a small 24 hour project.

Oh! I almost forgot!
If you're a developer and you have an account on IndieDB, you probably have received this e-mail:

"Indie of the Year is launching soon"

Nominations for the best 100 Indie Games of this community! Woo!

This is my first year here in IndieDB, well not even 3 months, but it brought me to an awesome community that showed off Ooni, and more people than I ever imagined saw my blog posts.
Well, I don't think I have chances to get nominated between the 100 Indies of the Year. There's just a lot of amazing projects that really deserve a medal for it's innovation, not a simple platform like Ooni >_<
It's hard to admit but I'm not doing the big thing at this moment. But anyways, I'll upload an Pre-Alpha version soon, so people can see what I've done. I don't think I'll win but I love to participate even if I know that I'll lose or not :)

Good luck to everyone, anyways.

So, developers, get yo' scripts in the air and get ready! Because this will be magnificent!
See you around here at 1'st of December? (Also, Dennot's birthday!)

Remember that I'm on Tweeter!
I post tweets about the game, my personal life and sometimes illogical weird stuff:

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