One Night: Full Circle is a survival horror/adventure game in the style of the early Resident Evil and Alone In The Dark games. Something horrible has befallen the mining town of Stillwater and it's up to you to discover the origin of the evil. One Night: Full Circle is a sequel to the previous games One Night and One Night 2: The Beyond, but having played these games is NOT required to fully enjoy Full Circle. Full Circle boasts a frightening atmosphere, challenging gameplay, two difficulty levels and multiple endings. It's the ultimate test of bravery - are you able to survive? One Night: Full Circle was listed as one of the "Top 5 RPG Maker Games" in PC Gamer magazine in 2011 and was a Freeware Game Pick on, a subsidiary of Gamasutra.

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Music is nice, and I was always a fan of the graphic format. The puzzles make no sense, and you can only leave the game on a save point.


Sick game, sick sounds, a great game to play, especially the fans of the early RE games


Originally rated this a 6; lowered it further the more of the game I played. Dodging enemies is often entirely luck-based (I would often get pounced by one the second I went through a door), as opposed to the more skillful dodging in the first game. This gets more frustrating later on when the enemies get a massive speed boost. Combat, while optional (unless you get pounced by multiple enemies right out a door, as frequently happened to me), is frustrating and difficult to get out of...not to mention tedious, given how damage sponge-y enemies are.

Oh, and putting super-speedy enemies in two-tile-wide corridors where they're next to impossible to avoid, and then having the gall to make how many monsters you kill count toward which ending you get? Unforgivably bad design, full stop.

Puzzles on the plus side are generally good, but the sewer floodgate one is driven by a special sort of logic I still can't grasp.

Then there's the ending system...on further research I found it's driven by how many monsters you kill and dialogue responses. Supposedly. I somehow got the bad ending and I have no idea how, given that I killed maybe 5 monsters, and there's zero indication of which dialogue responses count toward what. I picked what I thought were the most favorable, compassionate responses, but as I cannot read the developer's mind, apparently those were the wrong choices. Man, and I thought the good/bad ending system to the second game was terrible.

bello ma secondo me i primi due spaccano di piu


loved the game, some parts are hard as hell to figure out but awsome game anyways

I downloaded 4 or 5 horror games from Desura all at once, and this is the only one that has kept my attention.

The game could definitely use some work, but it's entertaining and I look forward to any future releases you have.

I like this game


Sounds really scary..... I love it!!! :D


Excellent game with a good story and a creepy atmosphere. A great conclusion to the One Night series.
Each game in the series is a must play, and I'll be replaying them to discover all the different endings.


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