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We skipped releasing a new client version last week, but we didn't want to do that twice in a row so we've cobbled together some great updates and fixes.

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Client Version 1.4.20

We skipped releasing a new client version last week, but we didn't want to do that twice in a row so we've cobbled together some great updates and fixes.

Starter Apartment Crashes

Several new users were reporting issues being able to access their starter apartment. After doing a fair bit of digging we rooted out the problem and got it fixed. All newly created accounts will now have a correctly working apartment. Those that already had the issue can now access their starter apartment, but will be missing a placed items. These starter items can still be found in your inventory and placed manually.


There were some tweaks made to what a public area moderator can do with decorate privileges. Moderators in a user public area can now change the photo url of products that have the photo material as well as can now place and manage retail items such as mannequins and sales terminals. Keep in mind a moderator still needs decorate privileges in order to manage these products.


Mannequins have had a couple of adjustments to their purchase interface. The purchase interface now shows product costs and the purchase item button now correctly works to purchase an item from a mannequin.

Gender / Risque Validation

If you are wearing a product marked as risque you will not be able to travel to Tutorial Island or Sunset Harbor without first removing any risque avatar content. Also some fixes were applied on the website to properly hide risque content from patron users when using the catalog search feature.

Items purchased in world are now properly validated against your avatar gender so users can no longer purchase a skin/animation/clothing/accessory that will not work with their avatar gender. If a purchase is attempted a notice will appear notifying the user that the product won't work with their avatar gender.

Zip Trailer
While not directly related to this release we posted the NuVO Zip Trailer this week on YouTube. Check it out and if you like it don't forget to hit the like button. :)

See the below release notes for all of the updates/fixes in version 1.4.20.

Release Notes


- Sun shafts in Tutorial Island and Sunset Harbor have been made less intense to help prevent temporary blindness by looking at the sun.

- Moderators of User Public Areas with decorate priveleges can now place retail items such as telepads and sales terminals

- Moderators of User Public Areas with decorate priveleges can now edit/change Photo Material URL's

- Minor tweaks to interface colors such as buttons are now blue when mousing over them and list item highlighting is now a brighter blue

- When viewing mannequin items for purchase the items now show the cost

- The female idle animation of scratching her arm should now happen far less frequently.


- Some users were reporting crashes entering their starter apartment. Anyone having this issue should now be able to enter their apartment, but the default location for the couch will be out of place.

- Attempting to load in to a NuVO Public Area while wearing risque content will now prompt an error message asking to remove risque content

- Avatar animations set to not loop now properly return to the avatar idle animations after avatar animation is finished playing

- Purchasing items from a mannequin now works correctly

- Purchasing in world items now correctly validates recipient gender for clothing/skins/accessories/animations

- Moving an object on to another object will now properly store the child-parent relationship on the server

- Camera should no longer rapidly zoom in and out/flicker at certain angles when driving a vehicle

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