NuVera Online is a Social Virtual World created by two dedicated and friendly people. We are always working on new features for NuVera Online to continue making the virtual world fun and exciting. By giving us feedback you can help make NuVera Online the best it can be. We do listen to our users because we realize that at the end of the day NuVera Online isn't what we make of it... it's what you make of it.

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I have been a Member at Nuvera since 2009 when the virtual world was in beta testing. It's been a joy to watch this world develop and see the community grow.

The website is not only lovely, but very easy to navigate. There are community forums where, if you cannot find an answer to a question in the knowledge base or from another member in world, you can ask and actually get very speedy answers.

In world graphics are outstanding and there are so many areas, both user created the NuVo grand world areas to explore.. it would take months to find everything and then you'd get to start over again because it's ever evolving.

The catalog just yesterday passed 10K in created products.

The level of customer service at NuVo is outstanding. The owners/creators are on top of everything. Most current users of the in world software have met the owners - even if it was a brief chat.

The in world experience is rather unique. There are private and public areas and chat options. One of the public areas is Tutorial Island - just about everything you'd want to know about how to use the program is there - and it's gorgeous!
AND.. there's SWIMMING! and they've just added flying to the perks for the upgraded membership option.
I'm personally all about the flying - with or without wings or a jetpack.. which are not needed for the above the ground experience. It is the best way to see some of the larger areas.. awesome for decorating too.

There's even a little trivia game to play once a day to win NN's (nuvo notes.,.. the local currency)

I still see the world of NuVera as being in it's infancy.. the baby getting ready to get into big world pants so to speak and it's been wonderful to be a part of the process.

No users, currency is worthless and unable to trade anywhere, and at 1 dollar per 100 NN, a rip off, considering there is NOTHING to do there but area hop, and maybe if your lucky meet some random lifer there.

Don't get me wrong.. if there was some real money invested, some real developers and I don't just mean the one there is now. But a team.. and maybe in another 5 years, with better game engine, and perhaps better animations, and better, well just better everything it might be a real competitor in the market of virtual worlds. But I doubt it. I'd have rated this game a 1, but could not. In all honesty, unless you are really really bored and have absolutely nothing to do, and have been banned from all the other virtual worlds, imvu, sl, inWorldz, what ever.. then ok.. take a look, otherwise.. don't waste your time.


leohobbs says

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This game is just another game that requires you to pay in order to get features too early. The game is a lot like Second Life but it has zero players.

When I entered my private housing area I was able to jump off the balcony into a bottomless fall, the only way I could find to earn credits or NN in this case was to play a game of true or false on the beach site. This only results in 4NN if you are correct, and a car, the only thing worth purchasing in this game, costs 500NN.

You are also limited to one game of True or False ever 24 hours.

Nuvera has beautiful landscapes that are fun to explore, a friendly and helpful community, the makers actually listen to their community and act on it. New interesting activities are constantly in the making. The crafting and hobbies system that was just introduced is good fun and soon we will be able to mine in the awesome caves! There's also talk about fishing and gardening, I can't wait for all the new stuff coming up.

I really enjoy being a creator on Nuvera, your products show up in the website's catalog for others to buy but you can also just create your own shop in-world and have people walking in and buying your products.

You can own as many homes (or whatever buildings) you want, you don't pay rent. You can set your home or shop public for everyone to access for a low rent but you can earn that back by asking an entrance fee or, if you make a shop public, you will ofcourse have more sales.

Nuvera is a great place to showcase your creativity and meet new people. The persistance and dedication of the makers promises Nuvera will continue to grow and it's nice to be a part of it.

Having been a member since 2008, I can honestly say that this is the best VW I have been a member of. I am proud to have watched it grow from a start up idea into what it is today. Yes, there really is only 2 people making this beautiful world happen, and yes, they not only listen to their members, but they take the time to interact with us as well! In the forums, AND in the client itself!

There are constant updates to bring more features and fun to the experience! Everyone I have met is friendly, mature and helpful.

As posted already, not only is there the ability to have your own public and private spaces, but you can venture out into NuveraOnlines public places as well! It doesn't cost a cent to visit any public place, (unless of course, if a person chooses to set a fee for their own public place) nor to have your own private space. If you do decide to upgrade to Denizen membership, the price is so low compared to other places. I had to give up one bag of chips (family size! lol) just for one entire month of Denizen. So, think about you pay $5.00 for just in one day, and that's the small price for one MONTH of membership! NuveraOnlines paid or non paid membership does not compare to anyone elses IMO.

I think any member gets a whole lot, even for free! Of course, this is a business, so they do have to make an income, but what little they charge for us to choose to have is very small. There is also a ton of information that they provide. The knowledge Base, the forums, Tutorial Island and even the people you meet in client. Take the time to visit these and see for yourself how good and easy it really is! Even creating is easy!

New and exciting things are always coming along! I love being a part of that! You can too! Tim and Wyllo always listen to their members and do consider taking our ideas and making them a part of Nuvera. Something you don't get much of anywhere else. I feel like I am actually a part of something and not just a number. We all matter!

I would give this game a 10/10 if it weren't for the New member restrictions. But this game is so easy to play and so fun to be a part of. I absolutely enjoyed the game play, the detail of the environment and the simplicity of it interface, unlike other games like Second Life and IMVU. Whenever I play Second Life, I feel overwhelmed with all of the advanced tools and advanced developer systems that makes it completely unplayable for me. But I when I played NuVera, I felt instantly cozy in the game. It was like the advanced options were there, but easier to use and understand. I also had the chance to talk to the only programmer that started the project and an administrator who filled me in on the intention of game. They wanted to make a game like second life, but simpler and by hand. After 5 long years of development and work, it all pays off soon with high expectations and plans to make the game reach high heights and taking it's ambitious work in a friendly community. NuVera is a game that marks the point to the community of gamers to be a part of a great project.

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Because I like giving good ratings. And the game looks go(o)d

I tried this game. Could be a good idea IF they sell the game. But if this is going to be like Second life or Cloud Party with monthly rents for virtual land... dont count with me.

I have been a NuVera user for years now, and I know the owners well. The world is gorgeous...meticuluosly updated, and regularly upgraded. These guys are consistently looking for new ways to make this world more fun and interactive.

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