Tip 1 - Don't ever go back!
Tip 2 - Don't ever turn OFF the lights!
Tip 3 - Never, ever, believe what you see!
You have been warned!

This house was pretty normal until our second day living their. Nothing seemed right, things began to move around, items disappeared over-night and there was always the sound of a babies cry at 2:00 am no matter what. Non of it was normal. I have set up cameras with thermal vision around the house to detect these strange goings on but so far nothing has ever been caught on camera... until now. While looking through the video footage one night, I came across a dark shadow that flew across the kitchen and then disappeared. I had no idea what is was, what is wanted, so I have set out to discover what it is and how to get rid of it. I have hired every kind of help: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Experts, TAPS and others but so far nothing has worked out. Every night it gets worse... the baby's crying gets louder and now... I hear a dark voice that mimics a mad man's lullaby. Is it me? or the house?

Warning To All Players: While creating the game, very strange things have been happening in my house. Things have been moving on their own and I see shadows that are not there...

Warning To All Players: If you experience any paranormal activity while playing this game then please exit immediately and delete the game from your computer.

Game Over

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