"You are noob" they said. "You will never win" they said. There's a kart racing competition named " Nitro Racer XD ". You are allowed to use any weapons. There are two types of kart; Compact and Regular. Compact kart has better handling meanwhile Regular kart has better speed. There's more than 10 unlockable characters, and 60+ races. Races in 6 different themes (Western, Ice, Spooky, Forest, Apartment, and Internet). With Nitro XD Engine, that can run about 80kmh, can you defeat all 6 tracklords ? FEATURES - 30+ tracks with at least 3 kilometers length. - 20+ Playable Characters with different power ups. - 7 Different Themes with 6 bonus themes. - Physics based kart. - 8 Stages of Difficulty on Arcade Mode - Upgradeable engine in career mode. - Tweakable tires - 7 Different Modes You can try the demo version too. Demo version only have 10 playable tracks, 8 playable characters, and NO UPDATES

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Inside of Nitro Racer XD Kart
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All kart are FF (Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive), which means it might get stuck in a ramp. But some compact kart are unlikely to get stuck in a ramp.

Normal kart has faster acceleration and speed than compact one. But Normal kart has very poor handling (Some of it). Normal kart also has better top speed. If you use NOS in long drive track, the top speed will be more than 200kmh.

Compact kart has really slow acceleration, but it has very nice handling. Compact kart also requires to use NOS after full brake so it can accelerate more faster. Compact kart never get fast even they use NOS. The top speed when using NOS with compact kart is just 150kmh.

So the conclusion is, Normal kart is for advanced user (because it much faster), and Compact kart is for rookie (because it has better handling).

Normal Kart :
- Alex (Coolmunity 62C-V)
- Jack (Squirrel 3S)
- Willy (Black Samba G3-R)
- Stage 2 Boss
- Stage 4 Boss
- Stage 6 Boss
- Secret Character #1
- Secret Character #3

Compact kart :
- Frig (Speedy Karty)
- Clarity (Kartboard Box)
- Helepolis (Stomp Kart)
- Cuber (Orangepop GPX)
- Crystal (iScream Sand Witch)
- Boss Stage 1
- Boss Stage 3
- Boss Stage 5
- Secret Character #2

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