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Im Tried TO Getting Full Version of Nitro Racers XD You Can Upload Full Version File?

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What happen with getting full version ?

I already uploaded Full Version EXE (Windows) installer and TAR.GZ (Linux) installer. You'll receive this after you downloaded Full version on Desura client.

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IRC is kinda basic depending on the client you use. I tend to use Mirc because i find it the easiest to use but theres free clients out there that give you lots of options.

Theres servers that run like networks do for computers but all they have is channels those are the things you chat in.

Theres server search engines on google if you want to try and look those up. Theres channels from just chat to things called warez channels that you can pick up all kinds of goodies. but thats completely up to you on that.

As for learning theres online courses you could either pay for or try and get off the web for free, Depending on how you go about it. Downtr.co . is a site and theres many of them that you also can get free content off. Thats another solution.

If you want to know more let me know, im not a programmer but i might become one before i curl up and not move again lol. anyways dude just a few things to think on.

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dude im not soo sure youtube is the best source to try and find things on programming. I know theres a lot of indi developers out there they use IRC, have you thought on this ?, maybe getting some more info out of how to help program.

Looking stuff up. I like that you are verry good at admitting that your a first time release of a game to the public yes you could have releaased this for free and made no money from it.

I read what you said at the first post. I think taking critisiem is one thing that we all have to over come yea.

As for your friends i think you need new ones at that. Twitch tv has programers that stream just them coding games that could help. Ask around for help.

Keep working on things on this game make it better and make it a game to be proud of yea.

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