In NeonXSZ (pronounced Neon Excesses) you are injected into cyberspace to stake your place in a war of virus verses machine. During your journey you will fly dozens of spaceships with hundreds of upgrades allowing you to create totally unique spacecraft with which to wage war. Will you protect the operating system or join the infection to bring it down? NeonXSZ is our little homage to Descent combined with the frenetic adrenaline pumping feel and gameplay mechanics of Quake. Then add Diablo's loot explosions, rpg elements, leveling up, procedurally generated environments and enemies. Finish it all off with truly open-world gameplay inside a micro ecosystem of up to one thousand unique little AI dudes buzzing around getting into fights and doing their own thing. In NeonXSZ, gamespeed, enemy damage and enemy intelligence are all customizable to suit everyone from a complete novice through to the most elite hardcore 6DoF veteran.

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Great combat, graphics, music, customization, and design. Already a very fun game, and one that will only get better.


Amazing indie game. I haven't read about the devs, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be industry people that left to make their own game. It is too good. Runs so great on an old dual core computer, looks fantastic, steady 60 FPS vsync limited (how I run all my games so I don't burn up the GPU), lots of AI ships flying around, controls feel perfect. They really nailed this game. Very underpriced for the quality of the game.

Thanks devs!

When I first looked at this game I found it intriguing. The gameplay itself reminds me of something like Aquanox. The visuals themselves are very nice to look at. What I really liked was the fact that you could custimize all the colors of your ship and select different presets for the game world itself. There are also many upgrades. There are various upgrades that can increase rate of fire or increase damage to a certain weapon, around 8 different primary weapons, ship hulls, upgrades to increase your ship's durability and several missles types. All of these upgrades can be obtained by simply blowing up baddies and collecting their materials. Another feature I found interesting was the ability to pause time and interact with the various cockpit buttons. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys casual action in cockpit and extensive ship customization with some other interesting features. Looking foward to future updates devs!

if only more games of this type would get made with this level of quality. love the open-ness and upgrade system, i really cant find any flaws with it so 10/10 it is!

This game is almost near perfect for what it does, and pulls it off nicely. It even runs nice on old machines. If i set it right, i can get 60 fps on a hd 3000 integrated card with an I3 processor.

The gameplay, graphics, and forgotten genre this game breaths back to life make it an interesting, unique and fun experience. NeonXSZ is a blast.

This game is just amazing, one of the unique games you'll find in your library to play. The graphics are great, but can also run on an old computer without problems. The gameplay is fun as well, dynamic, fast-paced and loads of action, You can fight off baddies and upgrade your ship, buy new hull,weapons, etc. There is no story in the game, but that's a good thing; Make up your own story, anything you want, the game is about action and fun, not about a cheesy romance story in the 80's. This game is underpriced as it is, I would say it's worth at least a bit more. The game also has a forum (which is relatively small right now), where you can keep in contact with the game, report any bugs, suggest new features, make new friends, and talk to the developer (who is super cool by the way). Inspired by Quake and related to Descent, NeonXSZ will keep you entertained for a long time, and it will just keep getting better with each update.

I've been playing and testing this game for months now. When I started it was great, and it has just been improved a lot in every area since then. NeonXSZ feels great, looks great, is fun and addictive. Every enemy you enqounter is using the same upgrades, hulls and gadgets that you qan unlock and you qan unlock it by qollecting the pieces of their wreck. Battles in NeonXSZ are never a repetitive grind, instead the AI is made to fight lika a human player which fits great in a first person shooter! They aim, move, utilize tactics and gadgets based on their personality and they design different loadouts. Since they are playing by the same rules as you it's possible to even learn from them and pick up tactics that they use. If you like 6DOF FPS games that requires some skill (though there's at least 4 ways to adjust the difficulty to suit anyone) and want to avoid boring grind then this is The Game! Fun from the start!
Even though this is labled as alpha it is basically bug free and while it only has a fraction of the qontent of final release that small fraction of qontent is already 25h+ (I've spent that many times over). It's cheap too ;)

Fast Paced Spacey Shoot'em Up with a little bit of RPG spice added to the mix. If any of those words interested you, then why isn't your wallet trying to rip it's way through your torso to buy this game?!

If you're looking for the very same fast-paced action like from the 90's and with open world gameplay, fully customizable ships ranging from hundreds of different combinations of upgrades, ship hulls and even weapons, a never ending story of conflict between factions, then you're in the right place. Fans of Quake, Descent, and other old school shooters, or even RPG players in my opinion will find this game absolutely enjoyable.

Just imagine online multiplayer...

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