Natural Selection 2 is the sequel to the popular Half-Life mod Natural Selection. It is built on our own engine and will be distributed through Valve's Steam platform.

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Work continues on some big new features including a new main menu and a new in-game help system. Those aren't done yet, but we wanted to roll out some other balance and bug fixes for you in the mean-time.

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Work continues on some big new features including a new main menu and a new in-game help system. Those aren't done yet, but we wanted to roll out some other balance and bug fixes for you in the mean-time.


  • Marines start now with an initial Infantry Portal.
  • Used results from 10,000+ games in the spawning simulator to equalize time in the field for both teams: lowered infantry portal build time from 10 seconds to 7, and Armory from 15 to 12 (to try to lessen effectiveness of Skulk rush)
  • Increased phase gate armor from 150 to 450 (total damage capacity up 20%). Increased kill point value from 15 to 20.
  • Increased Marine sprint time from 12 to 15 seconds to help them better defend extractors.


  • A Hive now produces Drifters when it is upgraded to a Crag/Shift/Shade hive instead of when someone occupies it.
  • Added smoothing of player models when going up and down stairs.
  • Changed the game FOV to be based around 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • When the game selects the starting Resource Point, it chooses the closest one that is in the same location name as the starting Tech Point instead of purely the closest.
  • Increased the range at which Weapons can be picked up from 1 meter to 1.5 meters.
  • Added caching of light locations to improve client side loading times (thanks matso!)
  • AI units won't stack on each other anymore during moving.


  • Added 3rd person Grenade Launcher model.
  • Added an option to specify if the Editor uses the system locale for displaying numbers or the default American locale.


  • The Skulk extents are used when searching for possible Egg spawns from the Hive (avoids finding a location big enough for an Egg but too small for a Skulk)
  • Fixed script error when a Marine with a Jetpack goes to the Ready Room when a game is finished.
  • Fixed bug where particles would sometimes not have correct forces applied to them.
  • The player will no longer spawn above the point they should spawn at (was causing players to get stuck in ceilings in some cases)
  • Fixed bug where "use" button would be displayed if near an Armory that was just destroyed.
  • Fixed Infestation-related script error.
  • Fixed bug where the body rotation for Players wasn't properly reflected on the client model.
  • Weapon pickup and drop events are no longer spammable.
  • Player move orders will not be copied if the move order is within 15 meters of the player's position (prevents problem with move orders being copied between players continuously)
  • Fixed View Model script error that occurred in some rare cases on the Server.
  • Fixed bug where options in the Editor were serialized/deserialized in the current locale.
  • Fixed error when a Hive finishes building while a Gorge is dying.
  • Drifter trail is not visible anymore when cloaked.
  • Hud will display only 2 decimals of gained resources.
  • Fixed bug where Structure angles would gradually drift towards 0.
  • Fixed script error when the Commanders drops a Med or Ammo pack directly on a Marine and then logs out of the Command Chair.
  • Fixed bug where the MAC and Drifters were not lag compensated.
  • Fixed bug where the build tooltip would appear for an unbuilt structure that had been destroyed.
  • Fixed bug which caused an Alien players to spawn at a Marine Infantry Portal in some rare cases.
  • Statistics not rendering properly.


  • Added strafing animations to sprint
  • Updated main menu background (in prep for new interface)
  • Command Station bug fix (when it was opened and closed rapidly)
  • Onos smash hit particle effect updated
  • Added Drifter tail particle effect
  • New Gorge particle effects
  • Flamethrower particle effect revisited
  • Grenade Launcher now shows up in third person
  • Updated the Onos ability icons


  • PathInclude flag added to prop_dynamic types in the Editor.
  • Added an error message when setting the parent of an Entity to an Entity was destroyed.
  • Added GetIsDestroyed() function to Entity.
  • Changed OnDestroy to be called immediately when the Entity is marked for destruction.
  • Added the name of the class when printing an error message about a network field.

We hope you enjoy playing the beta! See you online.


SERIOUS 196 bug found: Marines cannot build power nodes. Might be a server bug, but it happened on two servers I visited tonight. Please fix this ASAP, it is almost a game-breaker for marine team. Thank you.

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New game menu content is neat, and so is balancing; I'd like to see more core content roll out soon!

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Hope someone is gonna make a NS pro mod on the spark engine. All those balance sucks

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Oh, haha... I thought it said "Build 1%" :P

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